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  1. J

    Just in : Olivetti M19

    Apologies for the necro post but, I also have an Olivetti M19 and if you want a copy of the Customer Test diskette, let me know (I should probably upload the entire batch to Archive.org). This was the first computer that my father bought for our household back in 1987 but, that computer (along...
  2. J

    IBM PC - different case badges

    I was visiting a friend the other day (who happens to have quite a large collection of different computers) when I noticed something interesting and was wondering whether anyone here might be able to verify whether my thoughts are correct. Attached are some pictures of case badges from two IBM...
  3. J

    Olivetti M19 - my latest addition

    Our very first (IBM PC compatible) computer in our household was an Olivetti M19. That PC has long since been given away. Last week, I managed to obtain another M19, with the full 640KB RAM and a 20 MB hard drive. Unfortunately, the hard drive isn't working anymore and the housing around the...
  4. J

    Trying to identify old Western Digital MFM hard drive.

    Does anyone perhaps recognise this old Western Digital MFM hard drive? There are no model numbers on this drive. I want to low level format the drive but, I need to know the model number so that I can try and obtain the settings for the drive if I want to dynamically configure it. Got this...
  5. J

    Leading Edge Model M BIOS

    @hupshall, saw your post earlier but, only had time to respond now. I have the "Sperry HT" (which is actually another brand name for the Leading Edge Model M - the "M" standing for Mitsubishi). The Model D used Daewoo parts. I've attached the v4.71 BIOS from my Sperry XT.
  6. J

    Which 387 math co-processor when using a 33MHz 486 upgrade chip?

    https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?t=28177&p=222754 Falcon 3.0 definitely supports it.
  7. J

    Anybody know what model motherboard this is?

    @Unknown_K, I realise that this is quite an old thread but, is this perhaps your motherboard? If so, I do have the complete manual for this motherboard. This particular one is the Jetway J-402B.
  8. J

    Looking for DOS based software to calibrate an old CGA CRT monitor

    I have an old CGA monitor that I need to calibrate. I'm looking for some old DOS based software that could perhaps display a test pattern or something similar on screen so that I can properly align the image. Must be able to run under DOS on an old XT PC
  9. J

    Help me identify this particular TRL (Royal Information Electronics) monitor

    I've recently picked up this monitor from a friend of mine. At the rear it states that is was manufactured by Royal Information Electronics but, I'm not sure what the model number is or, what the exact specifications of the monitor is. I know that is a colour monitor but, I'm not sure whether it...
  10. J

    "Dead" IBM PC 5160 (256k-640k) motherboard

    Thought I'd post some pictures of my motherboard. Strangely, on the board itself it's actually "printed" as being 64-256KB motherboard but, it's covered with a "sticker" (which has party come loose over the years). On the 256-640KB motherboard, are the wires at the bottom of the motherboard...
  11. J

    "Dead" IBM PC 5160 (256k-640k) motherboard

    I recently acquired an IBM 5160 motherboard (that the seller sold as "non working") and I'm trying to see if I can bring it back to life. So far, I've ruled out the power supply (I used another one just to be sure), the voltage lines (tested the +5v, -5v, +12v & +12V with a multi meter and all...
  12. J

    Trying to obtain BIOS for my old 3/486 combo Jetway motherboard

    The motherboard in this picture comes from the first PC that I bought for myself: It's a hybrid motherboard made by Jetway that caters for both 386 (including Cyrix DLC's) & 5v 486 CPU's. The motherboard model number is J-402B or J-402BG (not entirely sure which one). I'm hoping someone here...
  13. J

    Juko Auto G7-B combo card

    I recently acquired this card: I found the jumper settings of a similar one here: http://arvutimuuseum.ee/th99/v/I-L/50442.htm Unfortunately, this one is not the same as my card (mine also has a couple of switches at the top (9 in total) that I have no idea what their function is). Does...
  14. J

    Sperry HT (XT) Personal Computer (model 3070-02) - documentation wanted

    I recently came into possession of a Sperry HT (XT) PC. There are 8 sets of dip switches at the rear of the PC and then two more sets on the motherboard (over and above some jumpers as well). Attached a picture of the PC: Does anybody perhaps have a manual or information on what each of these...