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  1. J

    COM to HEX Converter

    They say the mind is the first thing to go, I forgot what the second thing was. I forgot how to do this. I want to convert a COM to HEX so I can transmit it over the console. I know LOAD does the HEX to COM. Anybody remember how to do this? JA
  2. J

    ISO: CLI Utilities to manipulate FAT16 Floppy IMG files (Like cpmtools)

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a set of command line utilities that will allow for the manipulation of FAT16/DOS based floppy images. There are several great GUI utilities, but I'm looking for commands I can script. In practice similar to CPMTOOLS. JA
  3. J

    MakerLisp - A 50Mhz eZ80 Academic Computing Platform

    Just as I promise myself to lay off projects for a while... (lol) I see this starter project: https://makerlisp.com/ From the website: A Maker Machine with Vintage Software Style The MakerLisp Machine is a portable, modular computer system, designed to recapture the feel of classic...
  4. J

    Vintage Computing - Prideful Moments - Kaypro 16/2

    It has been way longer and way more expensive project that I had originally anticipated. Kaypro 16/2 - My Specs - Kaypro PC Upgraded CPU Card 8Mhz w Numeric Coprocessor - Phoenix BIOS 2 - MB with 4 Slots, 512KB 4164 Memory (Upgraded Quiet Fan) - DTK Hexa Multi-IO Floppy, Serial, Parallel, RTC...
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    Kaypro 16 10MB Hard Disk Upgrade Thoughts

    Hi Guys, Before I go down a rat hole on a hard disk upgrade, I'd like some thoughts. First, I have had awesome success with the Glitch Works XT-IDE and an IDE Flash Disk Module. I got that working great! But, I only have 4 ISA slots, Pout - I want my slot back! Ok, so my only avenue is...
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    Mystery Chip - Kaypro 16 81-515 Floppy RAM Socket U28

    Hi Guys, I'm trying to figure out what goes in my U28 Socket of my 81-515 Floppy Ram IO Card for my Kaypro 16. It's not listed in the Technical Guide "BOM" List. It's displayed on the schematics, but not identified. Anybody have any bread crumbs for me? Picture Attached - It's a 48 PIN DIN...
  7. J

    ISO: Software Diagnostics for (8-Bit) IBM Clones

    Hi Guys, I've been poking around looking for a general purpose diagnostic for IBM PC Clones. I have used the (True) IBM PC Diagnostics 1.0... it's a bit too specific to the IBM PC 51XX. I specifically need to exercise my dram chips. I have a Diagnostic Rom (Supersoft), but it errors out if...
  8. J

    Kaypro 16 Processor Card 81-1230

    Hi Folks, I'm doing a Kaypro 16 restoration. I have come across a processor card board model 81-1230. I can't find this one discussed in the Kaypro Tech Manuals. The Tech manual was published under document 1484-D,E,F. 1884-F seems to be the "latest" floating around. The first generation...
  9. J

    Vintage Computer - Modern(ish) Printer

    Hi Guys, I have come a long way on restoring my Vintage Kaypro 10. So I started to think about a parallel printer, hmm. Vintage Printers are not so awesome, old mechanical moving parts etc. I know that many newer printers, such as the HP Laserjet Series, can be accessed in "compatibility...
  10. J

    Any Ideas on - NZCOM Z3T TCSELECT LOAD 0080 Address Error

    Hi Folks, Was wondering if any of you guys had an idea on how to solve this error with NZCOM ZCPR3.4 I'm trying to load the Z3T Terminal Environment file and getting the following error: A0>NZCOM KAYPRO.Z3T NZCOM Version 1.2 System Loader for Z-Com v2.0 Copyright (C) 1987-88 Alpha Systems...
  11. J

    (Hens Teeth?) ISO - Terminal Emulator for Windows - with Programable Terminfo/TCAP

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a Windows based serial terminal emulator that has a customizable terminal emulation scheme. (terminfo/termcap) I am looking to be able to have a customizable CLS, CUR POS, Clear to End of line, DIM, etc. Basically, be able to program any of the customizable terminals...
  12. J

    Jogging my Dusty Memory - A File Based HEX Editor for CPM-80

    Hi Guys, It's been a long time since 1984, lol. I'm trying to remember a File Based Hex Editor I once used for CPM-80. I looked at MU3 and DU3, that does not quite look like what I remember. (The memories ar faint) Looking to simply read a file, edit it in HEX/ASCII and write it out. Search...
  13. J

    Kaypro 10 with SSD Enhancements / My BIONIC Kaypro

    I wanted to share some early results of my project: Kaypro 10 (Universal MB 1984) - http://www.ebay.com Advent TurboRom 3.4 - Burned By - http://www.hobbyroms.com/index.html SD FB - HXC 2001 Rev F BLACK CASE - https://lotharek.pl/productdetail.php?id=27 MFM_EMU Hard Disk Emulator -...
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    Want to add an RTC to my Kaypro 10 (Universal MB/TurboRom)

    Hi Guys, I'm trying to find an RTC add on for my Kaypro 10. Alas, my Universal Mainboard is not populated with the RTC Circuit. I don't want to "hack up" my MB for this. I recall some piggy back options did exist "back in the day". I also recall (35 year old memories) that there was an RTC...
  15. J

    xModem/Kermit on the Console Terminal Channel

    Hi Folks, I run my Kaypro 10 "Headless", using the TTY: (via IOBYTE) as my console. (ADM 3A Emulation - Null Modem to Windows 7) I need an XMODEM or KERMIT "Server Mode" solution. I'm not running BYE or any varients. There seems to be so much RCPM baggage in the ASM sources. It seems that...
  16. J

    A Z80/CPM VM - Some Fun with MYZ80 / DOSBOX / DROPBOX / DEBIAN / VMWARE

    Hi Folks, By profession I am a Virtualization/Storage Engineer. I wanted to know if I could bring a usable "CPM/Z80 VM" to life with layered Modern Technology. It's a bit of a "Dagwood Sandwich", but Bottom to Top, here is the software stack: - MacBook Pro - VMWare Fusion 10 - Debian 9...