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    VCF West is this weekend!!!

    In case you somehow didn't know yet :) VCF West 2019 is indeed this weekend, August 3-4, as always at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. This year's special attractions/speakers include: - The aforementioned Apple 1 gathering. Before we said there will be "at least" 10...
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    At minimum: 10 Apple 1 computers at VCF West!

    Today I can announce that 10 original Apple 1 computers will be displayed at VCF West, and we're working on getting more. Several of these will be up-and-running. Original and current owners will join early Apple employees in a panel to discuss the computers, why they were purchased, how they...
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    Big news!!! Re: mobile computing history

    Everyone, I have a major announcement. It's time for version 2.0 of my book, "Abacus to smartphone: The evolution of mobile and portable computers," which I published on dead trees four years ago. This time, it's going to be a (free!) interactive website: the era of printed books is behind...
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    VAX 9000 MCU unit

    VCF itself owns a complete VAX 9000-440 system. Here is a picture of it (the whole aisle!):
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    VCF East starring Ken Thompson and Joe Decuir

    VCF East is only 15 days away! This year's highlights are keynotes from Unix co-inventor Ken Thompson and Atari/Amiga engineer Joe Decuir, plus massive hands-on exhibits devoted to Unix and Atari systems. Also: museum tours, Glitchworks single-board computer workshop, massive consignment room...
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    Joe Decuir @ VCF PNW and VCF East this year!

    You read the headline correctly: Joe Decuir, of Atari VCS, Atari 800, and yes Commodore Amiga fame, is speaking at both Vintage Computer Festival Pacific Northwest AND Vintage Computer Festival East this year. :) Click through to our events page for details.
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    Vintage Computer Festival PNW / Italia / East / West dates for 2019

    You asked; we answered: VCF Pacific-Northwest (Seattle) - March 23-24 VCF Italia (Rome) - April 27-28 VCF East (Jersey Shore) - May 3-5 VCF West (Silicon Valley) - August 3-4 Read all the details here.
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    VCF holiday shopping!

    Shopping for holiday gifts today? Do your Amazon shopping through https://smile.amazon.com/ch/47-4133714 and AmazonSmile donates to VCF.
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    Bill Godbout update -- please read

    Bill Godbout, a pioneer of the S-100 era, died in the northern California wildfires last Thursday. Please see our blog post at http://vcfed.org/wp/2018/11/13/r-i-p-bill-godbout-79/.
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    Bill Godbout

    VCF confirmed that Bill Godbout of Godbout Electronics / CompuPro fame perished in the northern California "Camp" fire last Thursday. Here is a GoFundMe created by Bill Godbout's son: https://www.gofundme.com/godbouttuckcampfirerelieffund.
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    VCF's new toy: VAX 9440

    The VCF museum took delivery of a VAX 9440 today. :) It arrived in TWO 28-foot trailers. Here's our forklift driver beginning to unload the first truck: Here's a teaser picture of the main cabinet: The full system is 30-40 feet long when it's all set up! It is in pristine condition and...
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    Laser 128 audio question

    I brought a Laser 128 to demo in the VCF booth at World Maker Faire last weekend, but even with the Laser's volume knob on full-blast it was difficult to hear it. I noticed the computer has an earphone jack. What kind of speaker/connector do I need to get external audio out of there?
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    Vintage Lego robotics -- a new web site

    Separate from VCFed, I made a new web site called http://www.mindsbeforethestorm.com. It's about the Lego robot sets available before Mindstorms existed. I also made an accompanying Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/mindsbeforethestorm/. All are welcome to check it out.
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    TIm Paterson / QDOS lecture next weekend @ VCF West XIII

    If you're interested in the history of DOS, and you live anywhere near Silicon Valley, then you must come to VCF West XIII next weekend! Seattle Computer Products' Tim Paterson is giving a long overdue history lecture. He created QDOS - Quick and Dirty Operating System -- which he then licensed...
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    VCF West XIII -- next weekend!

    Vintage Computer Festival West XIII is next weekend (August 4-5) at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. Tickets are available online Lots of awesome hands-on exhibits Fantastic speaker line-up Huge consignment area Get a tour of the museum while you're there I'm...
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    VCF West -- Online ticketing + speaker summaries

    Click over to http://vcfed.org/wp/2018/07/19/vcf-west-tickets-now-available/ for the Vintage Computer Festival West XIII online ticketing and speaker list.
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    Thank you to our hardware supporters!

    The VCF museum is full of incredibly historic computers, but our production network is modern. We are almost finished rebuilding it! The last major component, which we installed on Saturday, is a rackmount UPS courtesy of Minuteman Power Technologies. Thank you Bill A. over at Minuteman! Our...
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    Revealing a personal (non-VCF) project

    Time to reveal a personal project, unrelated to my role at VCFed. In the past two years, while getting neck-deep in the historic Lego 9700 "Technic Control Center" set, I learned that there is a TON of information about this set (and about various related sets) -- but most of that information...
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    More exhibitors and volunteers needed for VCF West

    It's almost time for Vintage Computer Festival West XIII! The show is August 4-5 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. You’ll find dozens of hands-on exhibits, incredible lectures, a huge consignment sale, and much more -- plus the museum's own tours and hands-on demos...
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    Osborne for a good home

    I received an email from plebourgeois@me.com who said he's in Mandeville, Lousiana and has an Osborne available with accessories/manauls to a good home for the cost of shipping. He said he'll throw it away if he does not find a home for it soon. That's all I know, do not reply to me or this...