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    Oldest games you know

    The one on DOS before the TV show.
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    King's Quest V

    There wasn't a DOS version on floppy disk? My collection was boxed this way.. I think the "small" installation on the CD-ROMs I have is a port of the floppy version. I cant figure out what I'm doing wrong with mounting the stuff.
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    King's Quest V

    Can someone give insight, please? I have the discs to both CD-ROM collections. Can someone tutor me on DosBox? Should I try putting FreeDos on the old HP for an OS? Nothing else is on it it now....
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    Classic game remakes. Share your finds.

    I'm looking forward to a port or remake of The Black Cauldron. Disney owns the movie though and Lloyd Alexander died.
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    Oldest games you know

    The Black Cauldron or The Last Ninja or "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" or Thexder on Tandy 1000 EX.
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    King's Quest V

    I have the King's Quest Collection on CD-ROM. It has 3 discs. I was wondering if the "Small" installation was the same as the old floppy version which lacked the voice acting and had windows pop up showing what the characters are saying? I was having trouble installing on my Windows 10 desktop...
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    BUYING Ultima Online boxed copies. Used.

    I have a few already somewhere. Discord morty19067#2740.
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    EverCade handheld.

    It's a cartridge-based system that runs 8bit & 16bit games. Different licensees from Data East to Interplay to Namco to Technos port many of their games onto carts holding compilations. There's no fancy art galleries in the menu, just the name of game and a screenshot. I bought mine as a limited...
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    SIly questions from a goof.

    I somehow can't tell the difference between Tandy 1000 graphics and Apple II GS. Are they both 8bit or 16bit? Or they different bits? I say this because of such games as The Black Cauldron being so colorful on them. I used to own both machines and knew the differences in how they ran programs...
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    Just wondwering. :D Who bought my typewriter thingie?

    It was a Brother word processor. Came with a screen? Mom wrote some docs on it and I"m wondering if I can use Geo Works to access the files she made on Floppies ....? (She died so I just woneered if this were possible to do since I don't have the hardware any more.) Pme me I guess or maybe...
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    Tandy 1000 emulation

    Guaging interest on a Tandy 1000 EX replica system. Is this appropriate? I'm not making one, just wondering if anyone thinks with this new fad going on of having mini consoles if you'd buy one were it made? Like would you pick an EX? Or even a PCJR shell?
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    GTFWL Disc Games

    Games for Windows Live. I have List: Dead Rising 2 Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Street Fighter IV Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition After GFWL was flushed by Microsoft in favor of global "Xbox" marketing on PC and uh consoles... anyhow Steam took up the slack. All games come with discs &...
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    Not mine... AL Lowe is selling his collection including source code.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7AgSapZAi8 Al Lowe's online auctions. Ooops. Just saw this but he started sale around Nov 30th.
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    Sony done it wrong. Backwards compatibility.

    While Xbox One allows you to buy downloads or activate your existing collection of Xbox regular or 360 games via backwards compatibility, PS4 has none. . PS3 however had PSone games disc compatibility as well as PSone classics on the PlayStation Store. True, most people got stuck up with PS2...
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    Applied for a car sales job

    I haven't sold anything that wasn't on eBay. But I need a job ASAP.
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    "First Laptop,ever" from FB

    Fact check maybe. EDIT: I just love how inflammatory the statement "wouldn't believe" is as if they are being modernist and saying back then someone coulda done better with the tech or that it could be compared to a laptop of today back then.
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    Microsoft not so evil? Presenting Microsoft Adaptive Controller

    This begins to level the game field. Don't be fooled by initial reactions to this setup. It is the only the beginning. From a FB post of mine. I posted the leaked picture of the Xbox Adaptive controller. I had nothing more to say than "holy god" because it just looked like a giant pair of...
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    Merging in Libre Office Writer for Linux.

    I have the following setup: A: a 500 GB hard drive set to external USB B: A 32 bit SD Card c: A 32 bit Sandisk thumb drive. I want to save a document on A and have B and C automtically save the same file in the same sub folders on each device. I asked this previously about Windows 10 but I...
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    Dell e520 for sale.

    I will let it go for $75 here though packing it up and shipping is gonna be difficult be as I don't have a car to drive to the UPS store or equivalent. I think I listed all details accurately. Sure was fun messing around with the parts. :D
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    Laptop / Tablet suggestions. Or set top box?

    I would like it for basic computer usage such as working on OpenOffice documents or web surfing. Something below $300. SD card slot. Full sized USB is pretty much needed. I have used WIndows 10 on PCs and Android on phones as well as a $100 tablet I got at Radioshack. Maybe using PAINT.NET or...