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    Seagate ST-225 Seek Errors

    Is there a tutorial somewhere on opening up a Seagate ST-225 and replacing the heads and arms inside? No clean room, but just need it to survive long enough to get the data.
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    Intel Above Board PS/AT

    Can anyone tell me whick model this Intel AboveBoard is? This is a pull from a system I found getting thrown out many years ago, but never knew the exact model of this one. I am at least sure it is an Intel AboveBoard. I have no manuals or disks.
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    Combining DTK floppy controller with OEM IBM floppy controller

    I have the DTK Micro-Mini-2 floppy controller working in my 5150 PC with a Teac 1.2M/1.44M combo drive. I do not forsee any problems when I move it over to its final destination, a 5160 XT system, except that I want to use this combination and be able to keep one of my two 360K half-height...
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    Specs for IBM Floppy Controllers

    I am trying to restore my IBM PC 5150 to as close to stock as I can get. I have two floppy controllers, one is numbered 1501484XM and the other is 6181682XM. Is either one or the other a better match for the 5150? They both work fine and are very close in appearance. I am also wondering if one...
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    8087 Upgrade Fail; Fake chip?

    My first ever 8087. I received it sealed in an anti-static envelope; seller insists it is new old stock. I don the proper anti-static strap and proceed to plug in the chip. I set the DIP to OFF (Block 1, Switch 2) and my system won't even POST. Does anyone know how I can check if this chip is a...