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    How can I image an iBook G4 drive?

    or just mount the iBook on another Mac using Firewire Target Disk Mode
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    Early Computers and Electronic Music?

    You will definitely want to read Hal Chamberlin's classic Musical Applications of Microprocessors.
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    Belts for Mitsubishi M-2894 8 inch floppy disk drives.

    Received today thanks Chris. A lot of cleaning to do before I try and get the drive going. What sort of CP/M system do you have?
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    Belts for Mitsubishi M-2894 8 inch floppy disk drives.

    Now I am also looking for the same belts :)
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    Solid State Music (SSM) PB1 EPROM Programmer

    While working through a large quantity of Exidy Sorcerer floppies that were imaged around a decade ago I came across a file EPROM.ASM for the SSM PB1 EPROM Programmer. I haven't been able to find this file online anywhere although I was able to find a binary identical copy of the accompanying...
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    State of MAME gridcomp emulation.

    If you have identified problems with any MAME emulation the most appropriate route is to sign up for an account at https://mametesters.org/ and provide comprehensive details there as to how to reproduce the problem. Constructive comments are more likely to be addressed.
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    what is the best way to archive a service manual?

    You could look at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tesseract_(software) - I know people who are having some success with dot matrix fonts as well which other tools really struggle with.
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    Where are all the SCSI2SD devices? Is this because of the chip shortage?

    Does anyone have practical experience of the RaSCSI?
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    British DRI 8 inch floppy drives (Data Recording Instrument Company Limited) doco sought

    I would like to get a pair of Model 7200 DRI 8 inch floppy drives going for an Exidy Sorcerer connected via a Digitrio controller board inside their enclosure. The manufacturer is an apparently a British company called DRI or Data Recording Instrument Company Limited according to the...
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    VCF East 2022 videos no longer accessible - marked as private?

    I appreciate the work that you put in to shoot all those videos. The production values were vastly better than previous years. I appreciate that you want to present the material nicely but the raw streams could still stay up even while you edit and package (sans the doco). I was happy to watch...
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    Anyone really good with KiCAD PCB routing?

    I don't do this because for me it complicates board bring-up. I like to put in the minimum parts to being the power supply up, get the power LED to light for example, and once I am happy that I have reached that safe harbour add more components in stages. When components pins are used as vias...
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    VCF East 2022 videos no longer accessible - marked as private?

    I am halfway through watching and can no longer access the recordings of the streams. Is this a bug or a feature?
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    Amiga 2000 keyboard options

    May I ask what the hard drive model was? I am working on my A2000 as well which has a Quantum Prodrive 40S with a number of issues.
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    Exidy Sorcerer disk drives

    The PCB number on the controller in the Video Disk Unit that Al Kossow had matches that in my FDS so in that sense I think the two systems were provisioned with the same board. I think we confirmed that the ROMs were the same as well. However I have a manual for a soft-sector controller board...
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    Exidy Sorcerer

    Thanks for the photos Ollie. It would be a shame to risk those disks while you fault-find your drive. There is very little Sorcerer software on disk currently preserved. As these drives are 100TPI the only way to read the disks is with a working 100TPI drive. You can't archive the disks with a...
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    Exidy Sorcerer

    Well there you go. I was wrong. Thanks Ollie :-) Possibly not a product ever distributed in Australia. The Sorcerer itself might be a Netherlands build because the keycap colours are inverted to compared to most machines. I'd be interested in a photo of the compliance plate on the back of the...
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    Exidy Sorcerer disk drives

    The OP's photo is of a blue-cased Micropolis drive typically associated with the hard-sector S-100 system. In that context what makes the drive an "add-on" is that it doesn't come with the S-100 controller card, manual and CP/M on disk, but once you have those things you can add-on the...
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    Exidy Sorcerer disk drives

    The expansion units also have their own linear power supply but otherwise all correct 🥰
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    U.K. Aculab Floppy Tape (similar to the U.S.A. Exatron Stringy Floppy),

    Thankyou for that resource Dusty. Does the Aculab use the same drive mechanism and/or electronics but with different host software and/or firmware in the drive and/or in the TRS-80?