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    Using an LCD monitor on a IIGS

    Trying to identify and obtain an LCD that syncs directly with the IIGS to provide a "decent" display is proving very difficult. I think the easier approach is to look for a converter board that would allow LCDs we probably already have to provide a decent display of IIGS output. The converter I...
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    Using an LCD monitor on a IIGS

    I am sublimely ignorant of such details as Horizontal KHz and interlace vs. non-interlace, but my IIGS uses this $33 converter board to produce this VGA output on an LCD monitor: I like to tinker, and after considerable trial and error I discovered that the converter worked when the IIGS...
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    Games for the IBM 5155 portable (or XT desktop)

    I think it was WMH who asked a few weeks ago (I've lost track of the thread) about games for the IBM 5155 portable. At the time, I suggested that the 5155 (which I also have) is not much of a gaming machine, given its slow CPU (8088 4.7Mhz), limited memory (256kb), limited storage (2 360kb...
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    Sell your version 1 XTIDE and buy a version 2?

    If you have a version 1 XTIDE card and you're thinking of getting a version 2, I'm interested in buying the older one. (Of course, even if you're not getting the new version, if you have an old XTIDE that you don't need, I'm interested in buying it.)
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    Will trade Apple //c for IIGS 01 (+ more stuff for a Woz edition)

    The //c works fine and looks good, except for the usual aging plastic. For a Woz edition IIGS in reasonable shape, I could throw in a matching //c green mono monitor, an external floppy drive, and/or an Imagewriter printer... I have lots more Apple //c, IIe, and IIGS hardware and several Apple...
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    Will trade SD CARD(s) for CF CARDS(s)

    I'd like to get a 512mb CF card to put in an XT-IDE. (A 256mb CF card would be my second choice.) In exchange, I have a variety of SD cards to choose from: a 512mb Lexar SD card, a 512mb Kingston SD card, or a 4gb Amazon-branded SD card (just got it along with a new camera). Let me know if...
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    Lotus 1-2-3 on IBM 5155 portable -- hard to read characters

    I'm using a backup floppy I made decades ago of 1-2-3 version 2.01. It runs fine, but the 123.set file was apparently created for a color monitor I had at work, rather than the amber CGA in the 5155, so there are shades of amber in the characters and background that make it difficult for me to...
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    1.44mb B: drive not ready with 2MX in 5155 portable

    I'm loading 2M-XBIOS with config.sys and then running 2MX. This software promises to allow 1.44mb and 1.2mb floppy drives to run on 5160 motherboards, such as the one in XTs and the IBM 5155 portable. A 16-bit SPF2 multifunction card is installed in the 8-bit slot, and the stock 360k A: drive...
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    IBM Portable 5155 compared to iPad Retina

    Just for the fun of it, I posted an article online comparing my vintage IBM Portable, model 5155, to Apple's latest iPad model, the Retina. (The blog post is here: http://www.truthalyzer.com/?p=3454) Here's the text without photos: Sometimes you have to go backward to progress I was tempted...
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    Wanted: 1.2MB half-height floppy drive, 34-pin

    I'm looking for one with a beige/putty (never figured out what to call that color) faceplate. This would allow me to have a look at the contents of several boxes of floppies from my earlier (80's and 90's) lives and perhaps copy some of the programs and data onto 1.44MB floppies for use via 2MX...