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    Looking for VAX 4000/700 Drive Sleds or Drives for BA440

    I have a 4000 with no drives. It uses DSSI drives in plastic cases that fit into a BA440. Even just an empty case/sled thing I could put a drive into might help. I have a couple of full height DEC DSSI drive in another system I could steal. It would have to be one of the models that held a full...
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    IBM Personal Communications 5250 Terminal Software Needed

    I picked up something called a IBM 5250 Express PCI Adapter off ebay to use with my as400. Problem is I can't find drivers anywhere for it. It looks like it was supported in IBM Personal Communication up to version 5.9. IBM only has the latest version for download which doesn't have driver for...
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    Motorola MC68000 Educational Computer

    These are pretty cool. They were small single board computers for learning to program 68000 cpu from 1981. Has a very neat built in monitor and debugger called Tutor you can access with a serial terminal. You can read all about it in the manual on bitsavers...
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    CPU for sale Z80 Motorola MC68010 Intel P100 8086

    I am in desperate need of beer money. I have way more CPUs than beers. This isn't right. Only you can help. These have all been tested except for the P100. I don't have a board for that. I bought it off ebay as working a long time ago and never used it. If it doesn't work send it back for a...
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    DEC VS240 VT240 Terminal Base Unit

    Anyone interested in a VS240 ? It sounds like it works. Fan spins up anyway. You'll need a CRT and LK201 keyboard to use this as a terminal. I am sure I'll be quickly corrected if this is wrong but, the VT240 was basically a VT220 with additional graphics support. It has a composite out which...
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    IIe drops to prompt even with disk controller in slot 6

    I have a IIe where it it drops to the prompt as soon as it is powered on ignoring the floppy controller. I've tried cleaning the contacts and different controllers and still the same. PR#6 just hangs. I've reseated everything that can be with no change. Any thoughts ?
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    Anything special about programming 27512 eproms ?

    I bought a Willem burner off ebay a long time ago and it works fine for everything I've tried but, 27C512 and 27512 eproms. It can read them fine and it thinks it is programming them but, it never actually writes anything. I can program 27C256 and 27C010 just fine. I've tried about ten...
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    Looking for RAM for a Data General AViiON 500 Series

    My 530 only has 64mb of ram in it and a whole lot of empty simm slots. It makes me sad. I have more 400 series ram but, it's not compatible. I would be happy to trade 400 series ram for 500 series ram or just buy it if its not too expensive. I'm also looking for more AViiON series stuff as well.
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    AT&T 3B2 SCSI QIC Tape Drive 120mb

    I am pretty sure nobody is likely to have one sitting around but, I'll ask anyway. I need one to install the OS on a 3B2/500 and a 3rd party one won't do. The install program can't continue without a supported device being found and no way to add device info to the boot tape.
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    Is this an Apollo mission guidance computer rope memory module ?

    I ran into this auction today http://www.ebay.com/itm/Raytheon-NASA-Rope-Memeory-Module-B28-/111020115489 . I googled around and the only thing I could find close was http://www.apolloartifacts.com/2008/01/rope-memory-mod.html Looks very similar but, none of the numbers match. Any guesses to...
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    Morrow MD3 Floppy Format and imddisk

    I am trying to make some boot disks for a friend but, I don't have a MD3 anymore to test the disks before I mail them out. I made a set of images off original boot disks years ago but, didn't write down if they were double-step or not. Imddisk doesn't keep track of that so, I have to enter in on...
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    Burroughs Convergent CTOS Install

    I am trying to install CTOS 9 release 11.3 on a B26 but, running into a problem after install. I get all the way through a Local base install without problems. It reboots and everything is fine. Totally usable system with all the system utilities. The manual says at this point I should run...
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    Commodore 2040 Dual 5.25" Floppy Drive

    I don't know if this works or not. I've never even owned a PET. I don't even remember where this came from anymore. It is in pretty good physical condition and looks good inside. It appears to power up normally. No magic smoke is released. Leds come on for a sec then it does a head reset and...
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    Digital Equip Corp RX01 Dual 8" Drive with RXV11 controller and manual

    I am not sure the operational condition of all this I just know I don't need another project. I powered it up and can hear it spinning like they are supposed to. Installed the controller in a 11/23+ but, I never heard the heads move as the manual mentions they are supposed to when the computer...
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    Adaptec 16bit ISA SCSI Card AHA-1540CF

    These are exactly the same as the 1542 except they don't have a floppy controller. Makes things easier in many cases. Great cards with built in utilities to format and test SCSI drives. Pretty much the industry standard ISA SCSI card. Most OS will have built in support already but, you can also...
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    Booting from a RX50 Floppy Drive

    Anyone know what the boot device name for the RX50 is with a RQDX3 controller on a PDP-11 ? If there is one hard drive in slot 0 I imagine it's DU0. What does that make the RX50 plugged into the removable drive port ? DU1 ? I can see the drives light turn on red for a bit then turn off during...
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    KDJ11-a and MXV11-B setup

    I have a BA23, a KDJ11-A M8192 cpu and a MXV11-B M7195 card I am trying to figure out. The roms in the MXV11 are labeled 146E4 and 146E5 which I think are just the stock DEC ones. I have the cpu in slot 1-ab and the the mxv11 in slot 2-ab. Nothing else. I am using the console back panel from an...
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    Computer Systems Associates 68000 Trainer from HP

    I was given this awhile ago but, I haven't been able to find out anything about it. I was hoping this forum might help. It is by someone called Computer System Associates, Inc. I found an out of date webpage with the same company name that talks about custom Amiga and 68000 stuff so, they may...