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    How to wire up Auto boot ROM for FreHD Gate Array

    If I recall the TRS-80 is essentially a 2364 rom that you need to convert to a 2764, so it would be whatever that pinout is (google 2364 to 2764) That said, it's such a confined space that personally I'd just go to pcbway or jlcpcb and you can get 5 of these boards made up for under $10 and...
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    Let me know if you still need some info. I do have older bin files I can provide if that helps at all. I actually wrote up some instructions back in 2020 that I sent over to @misterblack because he was planning on building one out and doing a video on it, but he lost interest so that never...
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    Apple III Keycaps / Key stems needed

    Thanks. I did just look at it and I see the alpha lock keys are just short stem ALPS keys with an adapter and I can use a long stem ALPs as deltadon did as I have plenty of those from a dead mac 512 keyboard. The arrow key stem is going to be more of an issue since it's broken and missing the...
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    Apple III Keycaps / Key stems needed

    Thanks Verault. I'll check through my stash to see if i have anything. Also thanks for the info about the hinge, i haven't even looked at the drive yet. Though, i guess the floppy drive is less important to get working if it doesn't since that's a ticking time bomb with the floppy situation...
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    Apple III Keycaps / Key stems needed

    Hi All, I recently traded my spare Apple IIe for an Apple III that's in slightly sad condition. It does seem to work but I do plan on cleaning it up and restoring it. I did notice a couple keycaps are needed and a couple broken keystems. It's possible I could maybe 3d print parts of the...
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    Apple ][ SD card mass storage device

    Awesome, I'm going to check this out. Nice to see something that's actually in the spirit of the original Apple - something that we can build ourselves.
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    Infocom Games and the FreHD?

    Hey John, Been a couple years on this but had some renewed interest. One, did you get a chance to make a Model 3 version? Friend of mine (who will likely post here) just got a Model III and was looking for that. As well, have you looked into updating the image(s) to work with the new...
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    Problems with Model 4 display

    Sometimes it's worth reflowing the solder on the solder joints, especially where there are connectors to the board.
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    Model 4 Restoration

    I see at least one RIFA in your pics, they're pretty easy to identify without removing them. The one in the picture is a 0.1uf (labeled 0,1uF@X). Anything that looks like that will be the RIFAs. They don't really matter and can be replaced with X2 capacitors that are pretty cheap purchased...
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    I'm trying to build out the PET SD. One thing though, the Attiny chip doesn't appear to have the hex file up on their site that I can find, they only have the compiled files for the Atmega chip. They do have the source for the Attiny chip but I don't really have an easy way to compile that...
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    TI 99/4a

    I guess I was unnecessarily harsh on the Sinclair as I can still use it to this day in my office: :)
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    Good to hear you got it working. After it was clear there was some hardware differences between our two models, there wasn't much else I could help with, not having a similar model to experiment with. As for the real drive, other then the "just because I can" feeling of getting it working...
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    Actually, the Image_A.CFG is really just an index file for the last loaded file.. It doesn't affect anything and will be recreated when you change disks. FF.CFG was indeed done for an OLED display. You can edit that file to be for the 3 character display, though I honestly would add the oled...
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    Attached is the FlashFloppy Configuration files that would go onto a USB stick along with any software (in HFE format) you have for it. This is mostly for folks reading this thread in the future. However, I'll send you a message with a link to something a bit more comprehensive.
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    Osborne Disks

    I will attach the Text file here, but I'm reluctant to post any of the files (or links) here. While we all know that this stuff is what one would call 'abandonware', there is no such thing and thus they're still under copyright (these are not all freeware/shareware like that FOG stuff). This...
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    Osborne Disks

    Hi All, Sometime last year, @davejustdave had an Osborne with about 150 Osborne disks that had come from a local store back in the 80s. He gave me the Osborne (since it wasn't the type of equipment he collects) and asked that I image all the disks he also had. I imaged them in IMD since...
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    TRS-80 OS Subdirectories

    Made a little progress. There appears to be multiple iterations of this Subdir program. Some related, some might not be. SubDir 1.0 on Ira's site. No-one seems to know where that one came from and listed as 'unknown programmer'. Looks like it was for LDos 5.x. This was re-released in...
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    Power supply

    I've never tried. Since that power supply has a number of paper caps, i'm not sure myself. This is my power supply after I replaced all the paper caps in it. I would be concerned about the whole sparks thing. Did you check the Fuse? Also, did you make sure you plugged all the wires back in?
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    So definitely cool to get the 3" drive working (i ordered a belt for mine on ebay), however I would't bother with a 3 1/2" drive. They don't really fit in the case, so you'd have to hack up the case (or maybe not, i'm not sure the difference of a 95 series vs 85 series), plus it's a matter of...
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    TRS-80 OS Subdirectories

    Been wondering this for a while. Was there ever any TRS-80 OS's that supported subdirectories? Maybe even a hack? Was this just not supported on CP/M at all, or specific to older machines like the TRS-80? Just curious since it sure would be nice if we could do subdirectories on our hard...