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    Commodore PC-1 CGA compatibility

    Unfortunately, I do not have any such disks, but if you want to write your own TSR, you could use my mode 13h compatibility TSR for later Tandy systems as a starting point. Incidentally, I also wrote a Plantronics ColorPlus driver for Sierra adventures that you might want to try on that machine.
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    Commodore PC-1 CGA compatibility

    AFAIK, the Commodore Colt was a rebadged PC10-III or PC20-III. The PC-1 is somewhat different. I suspect that the TSR they mentioned was a primitive fix for some missing or buggy BIOS routine. Planet X3, including the Plantronics code, does not do any CGA hardware detection. I know that for a fact.
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    How to dump Tandy 1100 Character rom via software?

    If you only care about the character graphics and not necessarily the actual ROM content and layout, you might want to take a look at the VOGONS thread 6€ MCE2VGA replacement - CGA/EGA/HGC capture with logic analyzer. It is about using a cheap 8-channel 24MHz USB logic analyzer dongle as video...
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    Commodore Colt (PC-III): cleaning, repairs, and testing

    One interesting aspect of this machine is that the on-board video chip supports 320x200 pixels in 16 colors in a Plantronics ColorPlus compatible mode. Software support leaves a lot to be desired, but you can use cshow and my SCI driver for Sierra adventures.