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    WD My Book experience

    Just to be clear when I mention my WD My Book, it's the first revision of the very first ones to come out. Early adopter FTW. Anyway I've had it for quite some time and just recently it was showing all the signs of a dying hard drive. Since my data was already backed up off of it and onto...
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    Power Protection

    This is why you should invest in a good battery backup. Such awesome weather I'm having at the moment :rolleyes: The screen shot is from the APC PowerChute program that controls their UPS's. Very much worth every cent it costs.
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    SHA Hash Utility

    Does anyone know of a good utility for generating SHA-1 or higher hash values they would recommend? A search nets me a bunch of garbage ($20 for an out of date hash utility? lol no.) really out of date programs and people who don't seem to understand what SHA and MD5 hashes are suppose to do...
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    The collection so far

    Just today I acquired a light sixer as a gift which goes along nicely with my others. So far I have a CX-2600 light sixer, a CX-2600 A 4 switch with wood trim, and a CX-2600 A black 4 switch in its original box with price tag. ($89.99 from a department store) To go along with those I have 2 sets...
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    Service Pack 2

    For those who wish to save bandwidth by updating multiple computers or those who run a 32/64 bit mixed environment the following TechNet link has an ISO you can download that has a universal installer for Server 2008 and Vista all versions in both 32 and 64 bit. Handy thing to have on hand...
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    Revo Uninstaller

    This is a great utility I thought I'd pass along, great for modern machines or those to like to beta test. Revo Uninstaller scans your HD and shows you a list of all the installed programs. What it does is first make a restore point in case you want the program back, then run the applications...
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    Loss of a Legend

    Looks like 3DRealms has finally gone. :( Due to budget constraints they had to shutdown. Man, never thought I'd see someone like them go. I gotta go dig up Duke Nukem now just for some tribute gaming. It's a shame to see companies from the early days like that go under, they were always one of...
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    Atari 2600 cart labels

    http://www.labelmaker2600.com/ I've been having fun with this so I thought I'd share.
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    ADSL Bridge frustration

    I have a ADSL "modem" that I want to configure and use but its giving me a hard time and it doesn't seem to make any sense. (To me anyway) I have all of the ATM and DSLAM settings correct, or atleast I'm 98% sure I do but the problem is it will give me an IP address, but the modem can't ever...
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    80486 motherboard

    It doesn't seem to want to state who made it or give an FCC ID so its a mystery for now. Has the standard 486 socket with another that says upgrade next to it. 4 SIMM slots that are currently populated with an unknown amount of RAM. I can send higher capacity RAM as well. I can't seem to find...
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    Mac Classic RAM Card

    I guess that's what you'd call it. For sale is a board I got from a Mac Classic that has a series of RAM chips on it and 2 SIMM sockets. 2 SIMM's of unknown size were already installed. Also available is the motherboard from said Mac Classic. Both SHOULD be working but I have no way to test...
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    Socket AM2 Motherboard

    I have an Asus M2A-VM Motherboard in Socket AM2. AMD 690G chipset with onboard VGA and DVI. Gigabit LAN, 4x SATA II ports with RAID ability. 4x DDR II RAM slots. New with original box, manual, I/O Shield and Driver CD. Bought brand new and used less than one month. Paid $64.99 asking $35...
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    lol wut?

    As promised in another post and out of respect for another artist, here's the original surreal painting that the wut pear came from. http://ursulav.deviantart.com/art/The-Biting-Pear-of-Salamanca-29677500 She has a very cool gallery if you're into surreal artwork. Another favorite of mine is...
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    Linux Journey

    I was thinking about how I got started with Linux the other day after a friend asked what the very first distro I used was. I started out with Mandrake 10.1 when a friend gave me a CD set. I don't remember much about it since it was so long ago but the next one I used was Fedora Core 5. I...
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    Hard Drive Cleaning and DBAN

    Recently a client of mine brought me a laptop that they wanted cleaned and reinstalled. Thinking about the cleaning part I remembered a few posts here about people wanting to rescue computers from recyclers and getting told they could not take them because of privacy concerns. So before you sell...
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    Sinclair RAM Pack

    For Sale, Timex Sinclair ZX 16K RAM pack. It came in on a load of junk a while back. I don't have anything but the RAM Pack, dunno what happened to the rest of the Sinclair if there even was one. $10 shipped to anywhere in the US or trade for processor case stickers.
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    COM ports

    I was just browsing Newegg and was amused to find a PCI-e card that gave you 2 serial ports. Looks like despite being phased out from newer motherboards the serial port is still hanging on. Just found it interesting...
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    Lockheed Machine

    I've mentioned this -- thing before. My Mil Spec 386 motherboard made by Lockheed Missile and Space. Anyhow I dug it out to make more attempts to get it to boot this evening and noticed something I've never seen before. It looks like an ISA slot but its much bigger. There are 16-bit slots and...
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    Vlad's Software Sellout!

    All of the blow are 5.25 floppies of UNKNOWN WORKING ORDER. Buy at your own risk as I can't test them. Leisure Suit Larry 5 NOT a commercial disk, but self made disk set. Startup disk though disk 7. I have no clue if thats even all of them or not. Needs 256 color VGA or so claims the...
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    WTB: Socket 370 motherboard(s)

    I'm looking for a clean socket 370 motherboard for general use. Doesn't need to be anything fancy, AGP slot would be great. The processors I plan on using would be in the 800 MHz to 1.3 GHz range so a 133 FSB would be great. But then again, I'm not picky as long as its clean and functional. I...