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    Z80 Softcard was it relevant?

    Most likely this was the result of mainframes which performed a lot of batch processing at night.. The PC was a departure from this method of processing.
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    Counting Clock Cycles on Apple IIgs - cc65 compiler

    I don't know if it's possible to programmatically count clock cycles. You could take the compiled code, examine the resulting op codes for the section of code in question, then cross reference with the processor data sheet.
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    Macintosh Plus Unresponsive Floppy Drive Troubleshooting

    Regarding the labored eject: It's likely the eject motor is bad and needs to be replaced.
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    Help Diagnosing and Finding Ram Replacements for IIe

    After reading post #12 this was my thought too. How can you trust the diagnostic results of a system diagnosing itself?
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    Macintosh Plus Unresponsive Floppy Drive Troubleshooting

    The three micro switches are: Disk inserted detect Write protect detect High density detect The only one which may cause the drive to behave the way you've described is the disk inserted detect switch. With what you've described t sounds as if something on the circuit board is damaged. Perhaps...
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    VISICALC for Apple IIe

    I'm not clear on what it is you're trying to say. It appears that you now having a working connection between the Apple IIe through the audio jacks and that you've attempted the transfer from two different notebook computers. Is this correct? When you say you were able to access a working...
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    Macintosh Plus Unresponsive Floppy Drive Troubleshooting

    Hmm, that seems to be the only option left. Did you clean the heads?
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    Macintosh Plus Unresponsive Floppy Drive Troubleshooting

    When you insert a disk does the mechanism make a healthy "clunk"? If not then it's likely the mechanism still needs cleaning / lubricating as the upper head is unlikely to be resting on the surface of the disk.
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    Help Diagnosing and Finding Ram Replacements for IIe

    Just spray it into the sockets. If you want to clean the pins I've found soft pencil erasers work well.
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    Help Diagnosing and Finding Ram Replacements for IIe

    I believe later revisions of the motherboard removed the sockets for cost savings as well as increasing reliability. First thing I would recommend is to pull the chips from the socket, maybe apply some dexoit (if you have some), and then reinsert them. You may want to do this with every socketed...
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    Any rare apple II accessories I should keep and eye out for?

    Wildcard 2. I actually saw one included with a IIe sale on Ebay. I wanted to buy it but the seller and I could not agree on a price.
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    Q: Recapping an Apple II Plus Power Supply

    New question: Do the red and black wires that connect the power connector / switch to the PCB just pull off? I thought I recall seeing a video where the individual just pulled them off. However, when I pull on them they don't budge. I have thought about using something like pliers to give me...
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    IIGS Battery Good News, and hello

    Welcome! It sounds as if you have some upgrades to many of those systems (i.e. CF card readers in the IIgs, AppleTalk in the IIe). They're great systems for tinkering around on. Ben Eater has great videos. I love the series where he builds a working computer from the ground up (i.e. discrete...
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    Ethical vs. unethical system restoration?

    I'll throw in my two cents in agreement with those who say to match, as closely as possible, same year period components together. That's what I would be doing. In fact I have an Apple II Plus with a bad power supply (posted about it elsewhere) and I am trying to decide if I should take the...
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    Apple ][ Plus Monitor Advice

    If the monitor stand looks like this be aware it's probably worth more than the rest of the setup.
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    Apple II power supply info?

    You may want to try searching on the full model number that's partially visible in the pic.
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    Helping someone restore apple IIe's systems

    Aside from the power supply the number one thing I've observed that fails on these systems is the RAM chips. Barring a reason not to these are the first things I check when troubleshooting and Apple II system.
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    Q: Recapping an Apple II Plus Power Supply

    Does anyone know where I can source the fuses? I am unable to locate a 2.75 amp fuse. I can find 2.5 and 3.0 but no 2.75. If I am unable to source the 2.75 has anyone used a 2.5 amp fuse successfully? A 3.0 amp is not that much larger so it may be a substitute. But I'd rather not go larger, even...
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    Q: Recapping an Apple II Plus Power Supply

    Thanks for this advice, I didn't see anything obvious (even under magnification).
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    Q: Recapping an Apple II Plus Power Supply

    I pulled the power supply apart, checked the fuse, and observed it was blown. I was happy thinking I just overlooked this when recapping. I installed a new fuse, performed the smoke test, and observed no smoke. Well, that's because it was all contained within the fuse. Yep, it blew again. So...