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    Geek reminder: Celebrate Pi day (the bestest one evar!) 3/14/15 9:26

    Make sure you have some pie available and celebrate with the mathematical/geek world.
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    New exploit technique "hammering" on RAM to read OOB addresses

    Sort of an interesting issue. Seems like an archaic method that I wonder how far back this would go as it's a somewhat disappointing but simple bug in memory design. Perpaps limited only by older chipsets having a larger size and spacing between transistors. Explaination of "rowhammer bug"...
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    (From cctalk) "Tech Pickers" TV show looking for cast

    Steve Stengel's post on cctalk a few weeks ago. I'm not in to traveling around the country low balling collectors and widows but if that's your thing ;-) (nothing wrong with business I guess.. obviously "I'm doing it wrong") and you're an interesting person to listen to perhaps check this...
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    Goodwill ComputerWorks (Austin) - Compaq 286/slt

    Not mine, but it keeps glaring at me when I've been in the store the last week so I'd prefer someone pick it up so it will stop. ;-) Probably good for a parts machine. Naturally they don't have the proprietary power supply (although it looks like power is just some 6 prong plug that's probably...
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    2015 Vintage computer new year resolutions?

    Seems cliche but your free and open opportunity to give yourself and others a pat on the back. Did you have a 2014 new year resolution relating to vintage computers that you completed/accomplished? How about 2015? I'll stand by and root you on! I'm going to say if I did have one for 2014 I...
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    (Ends on 12/23/14) Some SETI servers on ebay

    Well, not really that vintage but interesting if you're into history ..and .. if they ever find anything. But the SETI project is selling 3 of their "older" Sun Ultra Enterprise 450 servers. http://www.ebay.com/usr/setiathomecal. Could be an interesting piece of history BUT you have to be local...
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    Temporarily free SimCity 2000: SE (Vista/XP) from EA

    For a "limited time" (aka hurry if you're interested) SimCity Special Edition is being offered by EA as a free download although it probably still requires their EA DRM account to be setup. The requirements seems like it's for current technology (I questioned whether to put this in "vintage"...
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    Spectrum Vega coming out

    Anyone else see this? I can't remember if it was just popular on youtube or perhaps it guided me to it. Spectrum Vega. Sort of a joystick version of the ZX. Not that many are going to be made so it will be curious how sales end up. I believe the 1000 they're making are selling for £100. Ah...
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    Interesting Micro mame arcade with Raspberri Pi

    Not me, but found it spinning around in my head for a few days so figured I'd share. http://www.instructables.com/id/Micro-Raspberry-Pi-arcade-cabinet/ I'm not sure how much the little display costs. When I was tossing the idea around in my mind I almost think it could be cheaper hacking a...
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    Port of Super Smash Brothers to TI-83/84 calculators

    http://kotaku.com/yup-someone-put-super-smash-bros-on-a-ti-83-calculato-1658930927 Maybe not a full featured edition but interesting and fun to see stuff still get created for these calcs. I was a bit surprised they had enough memory for this to be honest, the more advanced things I had...
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    Sunnyvale Atari Party 6/14/14 10am-4pm

    Haven't seen this mentioned here and no idea what it entails but if you're an Atari fan and in the Sunnyvale area probably worth hanging out. Atari Party 2014 Location: Sunnyvale Public Library Cost: FREE :-) I'm a bit embarrassed to say (I guess this is common knowledge?) but I guess I never...
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    "Hide-16" All in one/keyboard computer (interesting)

    Has anyone heard of this thing before? Hide-16 286 computer. It's interesting, sorta generic but I've never really seen or heard of this company unless it's the product and not the company. Sort of like a Tandy but in an IBM looking keyboard shell. Only has 1 ISA slot and I don't know why...
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    Interesting but not cheap steampunk computer designer

    Just happened to see someone posting steampunk computer gear recently on craigslist here in Austin. From what I can tell you submit your order and he'll start making the system (or just the case? --can't quite tell). Either way, out of my price/interest range but in all honesty it does look...
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    Article: Employee written up for hilarious infraction

    Article: Employee written up for hilarious infraction. Hits too close to home for me not to repost. I think we've all been there. ;-) A coworker of mine found a similar comment that she quite related to:"It kind of weirds me out when an employee just appears seemingly out of thin air next to...
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    Anyone have links for DIN 45322 (Male) connectors for sale?

    Was toying around with making the X1541 adapter (I'll just use an old computer and cheap out vs the XE1541 or XM1541) but unlike the 5-pin DIN and 8-pin DIN Fry's doesn't seem to have a 6-pin DIN. Anyone here know of a possible physical store that sells them? I've bad at searching mouser but I...
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    Jeri Ellsworth and her C64 bass guitar

    Neat hack instrument from Jeri (ok a year or two old now). I happened to not have seen it before so new to me and thought I'd share the old news ;-) Not sure if it could be done with the actual c64 itself (this looks like custom circuitry on the sid just mounted inside a c64 case). Still...
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    Google archiving news papers now

    New to me (probably been there for a while) but the first time I've ever seen that Google is apparently scanning in old news papers. Cool part is they also did OCR on it so it's searchable for computer or other topics. I had thought I found just an image earlier of a computer in an old...
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    Not Mine - Compaq Portable II (Jackson, Mississippi) starting at $25 end 4/19/14 5pm

    Just an FYI. No bids so far and only a day left. Starting at $25, showing turned on and working although they didn't try to type anything I guess so possible keyboard issues. Still a good price if you're in the area.
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    Interesting 60s video convincing the public of the use of Mainframes at the IRS

    Vintage 1960s era short film shows IRS defending its use of computers (news link with embedded video). Interesting. I can see how that may have been a major change in the view of the average citizen although we wouldn't think a second thought (other than security) about computers being used today.
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    IMSAI 8048 (SBC) (--not mine) on ebay

    Can't really comment on the price (too high for me) but it actually seems legitimately rare although I'm not sure how useful. Interesting data on imsai.net. Kind of funny how it was meant as a model railroad hobbyist computer.