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    SSDD and DSDD floppies

    Hello. I'm concerned about SSDD and DSDD 5.25 floppies. I didn't use comuter much at that time(early 80s), so I don't really remember those old 5-1/4 floppies well. Could SSDD 5.25 floppy drives read DSDD floppies? Furthermore, can 1.2mb floppy drives(which I used most often) read and write...
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    Wanted : IBM 5100/5150

    I'm looking for IBM 5100/5150 these days. I know that it's likely to be unable to get 5100 for me because it's so rare, but I'm just trying to collect it. :) For 5150, I'd prefer original monitors - 5151 or 5153. I had one 5150 in the past, but I sold it last year and is looking for new one...