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    WTB: Wangtek 30850-410 PC-36/QIC-36 Controller card

    Not the same as 30850-00x Alternatively, if you have a 30850 board with an EPROM which *isn't* labelled "WG.00-924" I may be interested! This was sold with model 5125EN and 5150EN tape drives.
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    WTB Wangtek 5099Exxx Tape Drive

    i.e. 5099EN24 / 5099EG24
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    Looking for Sytos Plus File Backup Manager - DOS Version

    (Specifically the newer version which supports SCSI tapes) I can't seem to find this anywhere! Plenty of copies of the OS/2 version, for sale and download, but nothing on the DOS version? I've found a few examples of physical disks this changing hands, but no-one sharing the love?
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    Attaching a 5¼ floppy drive to a mid 1990s IBM Thinkpad 760

    Hi Guys I've been pondering this for a while. These laptops have a 5V TTL floppy connector on the rear, and I'm keen to attach an old Tandon TM100 drive to it. Has anyone done anything like this? I've not even been able to find a pinout for this connector, or schematics or any other related...
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    IBM 5150: Trying to identify manufacturer of P8/P9 connector

    Heya I've been plagued by connection problems on my PC (Model A) between the power supply and mainboard. From looking at the contacts, they are quite badly corroded. I'd like to replace them, but stuffed if I can figure out what they are! It is well known that Molex made connectors like this...
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    IBM 5150 BIOS Upgrade: A tale of my 6 week mission

    Heya folks, just thought I’d share this - I have an IBM5150 which had an older (5700671) BIOS in it and was quite keen to upgrade to the last (10/27/1982) revision so I could get 640K of RAM working, use a VGA card, and also try out XT-IDE. But quickly found this physically wasn’t straight...
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    Everex everdisk controller MFM HDD Utility

    Hello Currently running up an IBM 5161 which has an Everex EV-391 a couple of ST-412s From reading the manual it looks like I will need the above titled software to park/low level format etc Does anyone have a copy of this? Do I actually need it? Have not even switched on the power yet! Cheers
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    Need information/manual for obscure XT Clone - KayPro PC

    Heya folks I recently came across this most unusual XT clone, apparently a "Kaypro PC", which has its mainboard split across two ISA cards, and via a simple backplane. I cannot for the life of me find any information on it. Does anyone else have one? A manual? Anything? Really just trying to...
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    IBM 5150 Model A - 120 to 220V PSU Conversion

    Would certainly be good if you could share that. It's a work in progress, but I have attached my proposed changes so far. Perhaps you could compare that to your changes?
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    IBM 5150 Model A - 120 to 220V PSU Conversion

    Heya folks I live in the UK and I've got a 5150 Model A which has a black 120V PSU. I am quite keen to get it running from 220V without a step-down transformer. I've spent the last few days studying the schematic and can see that is very likely possible. There very clearly is not any switch...