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    MAC IIci chimes but black screen, any ideas?

    Thanks for the info. In terms of internal layers I thought it might only be ground and vcc. I have found missing ground just at the battery itself but that has been repaired. If there is internal signalling then its probably game over. As for the RAM thing, I should have explained it...
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    MAC IIci chimes but black screen, any ideas?

    I've been working on a MAC IIci for the last couple of weeks that was sent my way for the price of postage only as it was heavily battery rotted. The former owner had a go but was unable to get any life out of it. I've been over it in fine detail and repaired maybe 30 traces, its finally...
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    Looking for a packet driver for a DEC Etherworks NIC

    At least I think I am.... I bought a digital equipment 16 bit isa NIC from eBay since it was going cheap but I'm struggling to find anything about it online. The closest I can find on stason is this -...
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    Olivetti M280 would anyone have the setup disk

    I got sorted in the end using gsetup. Thanks for the link though and I'll see about sending that guy a message. I not sure why he just doesn't provide the archives on his site or make them public elsewhere. I can't see Olivetti kicking up a fuss about someone sharing 35 year old software.
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    Olivetti M280 would anyone have the setup disk

    As the title suggests would anyone have a copy of the Olivetti M280 setup disk? I can't access the bios of my machine without it and unfortunately the computer didn't come with any software when I got it. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Zenith Datasystems V-286-LP - anyone have a motherboard manual?

    I think that's the model number anyway... V-286-LP. I recently acquired this machine in a large lot but I was wondering if anyone would have a motherboard manual? Everything works but I'd just like to have the manual to go with the board, always nice to know what the various jumpers are...
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    Compuadd 386sx with a corruption on screen and ctrl-alt-del doesn't work

    So this is something of a strange fault. The system posts fine, I can enter the bios etc. It will boot to floppy without issue and everything seems fine except for 2 things. Firstly once its booted a soft reset by use of ctrl-alt-del crashes the system but only once its booted to DOS, at...
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    VIC-20 displaying random colours

    I've been working on this most of the evening and its driving me nuts. The system seemingly works fine, it boots to basic and it will load and run software but the screen colours are off and in games the graphics are garbled. I've attached an image of the basic screen, taken from direct...
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    LC II, black screen no chime, seemingly dead.

    For the last few weeks I've been tinkering with an LC II I picked up as part of a large lot. I thought out of all the systems this one was going to be a simple recap but after the recap its still dead. Powers up to a black screen, there is a sync signal there, but no chime. Everything...
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    Tulip PC Compact 2 / Vanilla V20-9 with extensive battery damage.

    I'm currently working on a computer I bought a few weeks back, it branded as a Vanilla V20-9 but its just a rebadged Tulip PC Compact 2. It had suffered extensive battery leak damage, to the point actually were I wish I'd not started trying to repair but it is what it is and I was hoping...
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    Struggling with faulty socket 7 motherboard

    I've asked in every other corner of the internet so may as well ask here too! I've been working on a faulty socket 7 motherboard I picked up from eBay a while back. This was one of those late night I really don't want this but screw it I'll stick an offer on anyway purchases. The board had...
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    Possibly dead Tekram DC-680T cached VLB IDE controller

    I decided tonight to have a go at installed the Tekram DC-680T controller that I picked up from ebay a while back. Its possibly dead though as on boot it gives a looping single flash on the LED and an error message "Controller Failure! ERROR CODE = 1" Looking at the manual...
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    Comart Communicator

    I noticed this old box for sale locally but can't find much online about it. Seems to be Z80 based, 64k ram and runs CPM? Don't really know the first thing about CPM to be honest and at £50 I'm not sure if this is worth it. Comes with the computer and monitor only, no keyboard. Does...
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    Tried repairing mac classic analogue board but now its blowing fuses

    My mac classic analogue board I'm fairly sure now is beyond repair, certainly beyond my knowledge so for one last go I'm hoping someone out there will be able to help. This started a while back when I purchased a mac classic locally for £30, talk about to good to be true! It needed recapped...
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    List of Capacitors for Macintosh Classic

    I picked up a Macintosh Classic today but it badly needs a recap. Thing is I can't for the life of me find a capacitor list for the main board. Would anyone happen to have a list? I really didn't expect this to be so hard to find.
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    Olivetti M203 motherboard (from M290-S computer) will not load anything

    I managed to get this old board powered up but for the life of me I cannot get it to boot a floppy. This board was given to me in unknown condition. After hacking up an ATX power supply I got the board to post but when I connect a floppy drive it won't read anything. The drive is detected...
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    Help with power requirements for Olivetti 286 motherboard

    I've been gifted an Olivetti M203 motherboard which I'm fairly sure is from a model M290S computer. I have no idea if this works or not but I want to try and power it on just on the chance it does. Problem though is that these Olivetti's all used proprietary power supplies and this one uses a...
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    Olivetti M300-02 386SX

    I've had my Olivetti for about a year now, shes going strong and is more or less fully upgraded with 10mb ram (max for this board), network card and sound card added plus a CD drive. I even overclocked the 16mhz CPU to 20mhz. One thing that I'd like to do though is fill the 2 empty sockets...
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    HM Systems Minstrel 286 Workstation password locked, help!

    First post so let me say hello to everyone. I've got a modest collection of vintage computers and just now I really could use some help with one of them! This is my HM Systems 286 Workstation which I believe is from 1990 (going by the date on the post screen). Its a bit of an oddity in...