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    Did ever exist an 8-bit ISA card for ATA (IDE) hard drives?

    This morning I have seen in the local flea market a guy selling a 286 board with 2 ISA cards. One was an 8-bit ISA card made by Seagate. It was very similar to a MFM adapter card I have, but I noticed it had 2 40-pin connectors instead. So, I'm sure it's not for MFM drives. But, as...
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    Paradise PEGA2 EGA card driver/utilities download?

    I have a card with the same chip (I think) but I couldn't find any driver in more than one year. I had to rewrite the BIOS chip because my card displayed cyrillic alphabet.
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    Which kind of bus is this MDA card intented for?

    All the markings on the backside of the card: "KS-2" together with a kind of logo AVL triangle P1864-03 REV B
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    Which kind of bus is this MDA card intented for?

    I post a photo of the latest card I got: It's just a regular MDA/parallel clone... except for the bus connector. It should be 8-bit ISA, but it has the 16-bit ISA extension and a 2nd very strange (and unknown for me) extension. More details about the card: - External connectors are DB-9 and...
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    Help to identify missing parts in 286 board

    You were right about the missing connections. I have updated the drawing with those connections and the values of existing resistors. One capacitor have the marking "10μ 16" (the "16" is under the "10μ") and the other "472Z". On the diodes I just could see a part: "N" on one, "48" on the other...
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    Help to identify missing parts in 286 board

    I managed to make a schematic diagram of the battery circuit. I don't know a lot of electronics, but I suppose D3 is for discharge current (for the barrel or external battery), and D1 for recharge current (only for the barrel NiCd battery). As far as I can see, all the missing parts belong to...
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    Help to identify missing parts in 286 board

    Thanks. I tried to track where the parts connect to. I did it with an older 286 board (to figure out what jumpers were for) looking at the tracks in the front and back side of the board. Unfortunately, this late board seems to have internal layers, as several pins aren't soldered to any track...
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    Help to identify missing parts in 286 board

    I have a 286 board, but it has some missing parts (3 resistors and 2 transistors). I would appreciate if somebody has the same board and tell me exactly the values/ID for these parts. The board itself has no brand, but it has 2 stickers: "103FS" and "LM910901722". The 1st one is probably the...
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    Powering CF to IDE adapters

    Looking for a CF to IDE adapter, to replace an old hard disk in an old computer with a CF card, I have discovered a variety of models: With or without bracket (to instal in the back side of the PC), with male or female connector, with the connector straight at the edge of the card or at a right...
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    Modern alternative for UV EPROMs

    Hi. I would like to write a ROM BIOS extension for an old PC. The idea is to burn an EEPROM with a programmer, and to use the chip in a network ISA card. The PC will not be on any network, but it is an ISA card which I can plug in the PC and the card has a socket for a PROM. The card is a 3Com...
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    Capacitor missing in Sound Blaster AWE 64

    I have acquired a Sound Blaster AWE 64 (model CT4520) but after 1st visual examination I have noticed that one SMD capacitor (marked C82) is missing. It's not an optional capacitor, it is broken, there was a minimal piece hanging from its place. It is placed physically (not electrically) in...
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    Yesterday cards, any use today?

    Hi! Yesterday I received a Creative PCI card which turned out to be a DVD decoder. It can't display graphics on its own. It requires a VGA, connecting both cards, installing drivers (for nothing else than Windows 95), selecting the right IRQs and using a custom application (again, just for...
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    3.5" floppy drive calibration/alignment

    Is there any information about calibration or alignment (is it the same?) of 3.5" floppy drives? I have 2 old double-density (720 Kb) drives, and they fail reading disks written in other drives, but work perfectly with disks written in them, so I suppose they have a calibration problem. One...
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    CRT colour screen with gray background and pale colours

    Yesterday I was doing some research on my Amstrad 5086 XT, on DOS, and suddenly something happened on my screen and the black background turned gray (mid-gray, about 50%), and there's no way to make it black again. And all the colours look very pale. The only part in black is the border. It...
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    Help with CGA/Hercules card (Yamaha chipset)

    Last week I acquired an 8-bit ISA card expecting to be an EGA, but after closer examination it turned out to be a CGA/MDA/Hercules, or that's what it seems to be. I can't identify it. This should be no problem for this kind of card (usually they don't need drivers), the problem is that I'm...
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    CGA to SCART adaptor

    I have found it! Not only the TV survived 30 years, but also the documentation! I think in the diagram the SCART connector symbol is mirrored, but pin 16 (f. sw) goes to a "matrix-ation block", and pin 8 (mode) goes to the block connected to the only button in the diagram. It could represent...
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    Repairing a Cyrix CPU which "almost" works on a Pentium board

    I have 3 Socket 7 boards (for classic & MMX Pentiums, and clones) which work. I acquired a Pentium clone (a Cyrix 6x86) but I noticed that the 4 soldered resistors or capacitors on top of the CPU are partially or completely scratched. I tried it on 2 of the boards and they didn't run at all, so...
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    Hacked Pentium board (Elpina M571)

    Sorry, but this is the best photo I could take.
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    Hacked Pentium board (Elpina M571)

    Hi everyone! I have received an Elpina M571 motherboard, for Pentium, MMX, Cyrix 6x86, AMD K5/K6 and IDT C6, WinChip. It came with an IDT C6 and with this processor it works correctly. I would like to use this board to test processors, because: It supports almost the full range of Pentium...