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    Best Hercules games for a 5150?

    ArcticFox has native Hercules support. That was one of my favorites. Here it is running on my 5150 with Hercules card. Here's Monopoly running on the same 5150 in CGA mode using SIMCGA emulation: The Vogons link above also talks about HGCIBM emulator to run CGA on the Hercules card. I've...
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    5150 full height drives - 320k or 360k?

    Just to clarify: any FDD that's double sided will support 360k with the right version of DOS? Reason I ask is I have a Compaq (Siemens) FDD that I also suspect was originally rated for 320K. It's still in the original packaging, so I've never cabled it up. Specs: Siemens/WST FD211-5 DS 48tpi...
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    Olivetti M24/AT&T 6300/Xerox 6060 Display Enhancement Board (DEB) materials available

    Thanks, bud! Mine's been in a box for ~18 years, and I never have tried it. Actively working on resuscitating my PC6300 system, and then plan to install this finally. Looks like you got the full package. Nice! Mine is everything you've got minus the disks and the PAL chip. Thankfully my main VDC...
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    Dead AT&T M24/PC6300 PSUs - help!

    Need help fixing a couple of dead Olivetti/AT&T PC6300 power supplies. One is completely dead, with no 5v or 12v output. The other has +5v and +12v, but no -12V. Focusing on the completely dead one for a moment: I have the (poor resolution) schematic for the PSU. Unfortunately, the portions...
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    Help identifying a PCB component

    Crikey, that diagram is difficult to read! Of course, the only page that's hard to read is the one I need.:rolleyes: Any chance someone has a clearer shot of this page? The only fuse I can see in the component list is PF27 at the top, and that's an actual glass fuse at the AC power switch. This...
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    Help identifying a PCB component

    Trying to resurrect an AT&T PC6300 PSU, and found this cracked component. It looks like a resistor, but the words "BUSS 3 1/2 A" are printed on it. The stripes are Orange/Green/Red/Red, which would indicate a 3500 Ohm, 2% tolerance resistor. But the 3.5A words make it sound like a fuse. Is...
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    26 Pin Floppy Drives

    Yeah these look more modern like a 34-pin drive, so guessing they're the later models.
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    26 Pin Floppy Drives

    Picked up a couple of 3.5" FDD drives, and didn't notice until later they have 26 pins instead of the usual 34. Read some posts here in the forum about adapting a 26 pin cable to a standard 34 pin drive, and even see some ready made adapters online. Has anyone ever tried the opposite? Also...
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    Lube on box connector pins?

    My Osborne has an FDD daughter board that connects to the mobo via a standard 40 pin connector. It was so tight I had to use a spudger to get it off. Even then, it came off only 1mm at a time after using great force. Pins didn't appear bent or corroded; straight and shiny. Cleaned with isopropyl...
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    Compaq Deskpro detects 3.5 FDD as 5.25 FDD - need ideas

    Hello all. Have been working on un-mothballing a Compaq Deskpro 386/25 I've stored away for 18 years. Entire system still works splendidly except one issue: getting it to properly recognize a 3.5 1.44MB floppy drive. The system sees the drive, but no matter what I've tried, the Compaq Setup...
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    What was your biggest surprise opening up a vintage find for the first time?

    I've seen lots of dirt, dust bunnies, goop and corrosion, but critters just creep me out! I finally opened up a couple of Osborne barn finds (literally) from a year ago, and each one made me jump for a different reason. Casadores? The first had this double decker cluster of mud dauber nests...
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    5150 Shorted cap on the 12v Rail.

    Hey guys. My trouble is with an IBM clone with a blown tantalum on the floppy controller board, but since we're on the topic of tantalums... Can you spot the bad component? :o Trying to decide whether or not to recap the other 3 tantalums at the same time. The remaining 3 caps are marked...
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    5150 with Hercules - Text but no graphics

    Many thanks for all of the suggestions. Definitely a Series A. Here's the serial number. First gen, but not super early specimen I think. Agree that I want to preserve its authenticity. I do have another Series B 5150 with MDA card along with 5151 and 5153 in storage. Plan to try swapping...
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    9-track magnetic tape unit maintenance and operation?

    Nice! Where/how did you stumble upon it? I just acquired a Sun UltraSparc 10 with Solaris 2.6 still loaded up and running. Was wondering what to do with it, and now perhaps I've found its purpose. :cool: I downloaded the manuals from bitsavers.org and browsed through the diag procedures. Will...
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    NEC Powermate SX stuck at 8Mhz with a 386SX-16

    Never mind on the mouse question. Finally realized I was using was the Logitech mouse driver. Switched to Microsoft Mouse driver, and Microsoft mouse works fine in the built-in port. (Duh!) Yay! Now I can play games like this on the NEC: Do still need to find the CMOS setup disks, though...
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    5150 with Hercules - Text but no graphics

    Success! The Hercules board works great in both native and SIMCGA mode. Found a game supporting native Hercules. Loaded without SIMCGA: Next, loaded SIMCGA and a true-blue CGA game: Many thanks to Exceter for cluing me in and providing the utility. Any many, many thanks to Chuck(G) for...
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    WTB - TI Portable Pro Keyboard & Corona PPC-400 Keyboard cover

    Have nice examples of both of these computers, but missing key parts. TI Portable Professional - Need keyboard Corona Portable PPC-400 - Have keyboard, but don't have the cover to close up the unit.
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    5150 with Hercules - Text but no graphics

    Recently acquired a 5150 with Hercules GB100 card in place of the IBM MDA. I've run the IBM Diag v2.2 tests on the system, and all checks out good except for the Video Card (option 1) and Video Sync (option 12). Everything text based looks nice and crisp. The Video graphics tests show a...
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    APSTEK SIC-1 Serial/Clock card apps?

    Recently scored a new Compaq Portable from craigslist. It came with an APSTEK SIC-1 clock/serial port card. See attached image. This card originally came with a clock utility (and perhaps other software), but I don't have them. Found some PC Mag ads circa 1983 about this and other APSTEK...
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    How to read parallel-port POST diagnostic codes?

    ATT 6300 POST Error: DMA 04 ATT 6300 POST Error: DMA 04 I have a 6300 that used to work fine, but now fails POST with "DMA Control Fail: 04" and the keyboard lights flash. According to your previous post, the "04" in my case means it's gotten past the DMA chip and the issue is with RAM...