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  1. KM11

    VT220 with pidp11

    That's great news! Glad to hear you got it working.
  2. KM11

    VT220 with pidp11

    So, a few more thoughts. The fact that Midnight Commander now works as expected seems to confirm that character set translation on the Pi is no longer an issue. If KED is still misbehaving, then I think you need to look more closely at SIMH. VT100 terminals can operate in 7-bit ASCII mode or...
  3. KM11

    VT220 with pidp11

    I suspect your problem may be due to a mismatch in character set translation between the terminal and the Pi. The Pi is likely set to "en_US.UTF-8" (which can be confirmed by executing the "locale" command), but Unicode wasn't created until 1991, almost a decade after the VT220 was released...
  4. KM11

    How to unplug MATE-N-LOK connectors?

    I assumed that Mate-N-Lok connectors were made of nylon which tends to swell over time thereby making them difficult to separate. Providing there is sufficient room to work, I have had success in the past by pushing a wooden Popsicle stick under the "loop" and against the latching arm, then...
  5. KM11

    BA11-L mounting brackets.

    This topic has certainly generated more discussion than I would have expected. With respect to mounting of the BA11-L enclosure, I think you may find the following document of interest: http://www.bitsavers.org/pdf/dec/pdp11/1124/EK-11024-TM-001_PDP11_24_System_Technical_Manual_Jun81.pdf...
  6. KM11

    BA11-L mounting brackets.

    My first response to your post was based upon recollection of how my enclosures had been mounted, but your photos made me wonder how accurate my memory was, so I investigated further over the weekend. I personally rescued one of the enclosures and all the mounting hardware from a DEC H9645...
  7. KM11

    BA11-L mounting brackets.

    I have two such machines and neither is presently mounted in a rack, but it is not clear to me what you need photos of. The BA11-L chassis slides into a metal enclosure ("envelope") that is secured to the rack with four 10-32 screws and KEP nuts at the front and two at the rear. A chassis...
  8. KM11


    Just curious if anyone here has seen any correspondence from our friend Oscar regarding his PiDP-8/I project. I added my name to his interested parties list on May 1 and haven’t seen anything yet, but happened to notice an update on his Wiki over the weekend saying that everyone who had...
  9. KM11

    PDP-11/45 on eBay

    Every so often something like this shows up. This one is big and heavy and has a "Buy It Now" price for someone with deep pockets, but shipping to the lower 48 states is free...