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    Restore Media For Gateway S-7700N ^"Workstation" Laptop?

    I am looking for an ISO of the restore media for a Gateway S-7700N laptop. This machine is from 2006 and has both the model numbers S-7700N and PA2 on the bottom of it. I've checked Archive.org and wanted to just check on here in case anyone had a copy. Thanks for any help!
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    Wanted: Gateway 2000 Destination Software and Parts

    Sort of, I found some ISOs of the Gateway Destination Restore Discs on Archive.org. The problem is that there were a few different models of the Gateway Destination (about 4 I believe) made from 1996-2000. So not every disc is comparable with just any Destination computer. From what I've...
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    Is this the right Master CD?

    I have a Packard Bell Multimedia 215 I am trying to restore it was manufactured on March 13, 1997. My '97 Master CD is a little after that time so it wouldn't have been the one the computer shipped with. I found one on the Internet Archive from Nov of 1996 and one from Jan of 97 but that one is...
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    Wanted: Gateway 2000 Destination Software and Parts

    Hello, I am looking for an OEM copy of Windows 95 for the Destination and the software discs as well. Along with that I am looking for the Gateway 2000 branded mouse-remote, keyboard, and receiver. If anyone has any of these items, feel free to reply or direct message. Thank you!
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    Help With Gateway 2000 Destination A/V Input

    Hello everyone, There's not much documentation I can find on this system so I was hoping I could get some assistance here. I have a Gateway 2000 Destination system running Windows 98. Everything works fine except when I go into the TV function (DestiVu). When I plug my VCR into any of the A/V...