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    So VCF West Has Been Announced...when will we see a schedule?

    I'm in the same boat. I need my Forum ID linked to VCF so I can get discounts too.
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    So VCF West Has Been Announced...when will we see a schedule?

    Ok, we are only 2 months from VCF West, there is still no listing of speakers, presentations, etc. Are the details just not yet posted or are we still waiting for speakers to sign-up? I plan to attend both days and will be in from out of town. It would be nice to know what's planned within a...
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    Joined VCF as a member, can't login to the VCF site...

    I joined the VCF in December 2022, paid $25.00 for 2 years which was the deal at the time. I paid with PayPal. I can login here to the forums, but not the VCF site. I want to login to the site so I can review my membership but also take advantage of the discount when I buy my tickets. I tried...
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    Recommended Hotel for VCF West?

    He says that was 2013. I'm sure rates of gone up since then. I was looking on-line the other day and most close by where over $200/night
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    Recommended Hotel for VCF West?

    So it sounds like they don't work with any hotels to get a block of rooms at group rate. No issue, I'll just book something early and watch for better deals. I won't be sleeping in my car :)
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    Recommended Hotel for VCF West?

    I'm trying to plan early. Is there any recommended hotels for the VCF West in Mountain View. I can see online what's close, but wondering if there are recommendations based on pricing, convenience, etc. May a block of rooms are available at a certain price?
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    VCF West -Dates?

    Still waiting...I've been told usually the first weekend in August. Any news yet? If not, any idea when dates and info will be announced?