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  1. tsb

    Tandy 1100FD/HD Service Manual (Panasonic BP150) wanted

    I didn't find the service manual, but when I was digging through some old files on this resource: http://ftp.oldskool.org/pub/tvdog/tandy1000/utilities/1100fd.zip (there are still plenty of interesting stuff at this FTP), I have found some research archive on the 1100 FD model with interesting...
  2. tsb

    Replacing hard drive in Tandy 1110HD

    Hey everybody. It seems many years has passed, but I had the same problem with Tandy 1110HD and very Connor 2024. I managed to make it work with this hack . Basically it starts spinning but does not seek. The reason is that parking magnet became too strong for head to detach itself and start...