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    wtb gridcase 3 power supply

    the AC psu for my gridcase 3 just died, looking for a replacement in case my repairs are not successful. if you have something similar but slightly different, that may be fine.
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    Does anyone know about the Advin Sailor-8 set_of_eight PROM programmer?

    I recently acquired one of these units after seeing it mentioned on stillhekills blog post about programming EPROMs using a gridcase computer. I've since come to discover that this programmer is all but unknown to the internet with all the results I can find consisting of previous auctions. I...
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    adding video output to gridcase 3 (1104x)

    I've recently acquired an 1104x and the tribal knowledge on this exact model seems to be limited. It is lacking a video output despite having a blocked off spot for the connector -- but I went ahead and did a full teardown and it seems like the empty ribbon connector on the gpu might be where a...