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    Stuff For Sale

    Hi everyone, clearing out some stuff after the move. Feel free to make offers. I can do paypal. Shipping can be calculated from zip 29169. Pictures on request. PM if interested. Most is was tested recently, but I don’t have the systems set up to do so now. I assume everything works. Still, is...
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    Apple IIgs woes

    I have an Apple IIgs Woz 01 that I would like to get running gs/os. I also bought an Apple 3.5" drive, a9M0106. The drive makes a small noise on startup, and another when the boot error occurs, but it refuses to read any of my disks. In the control panel setting it to either scan or slot 6...
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    Zenith ZWL-183-92 80c88 Laptop

    In great physical condition, worked fine when tested last year. Has a 3.5" floppy drive (1mb max) and no hd or modem. Doesn't include PSU, just needs a center negative 12v barrel type connector. Specs here: http://www.zdsparts.com/zwl-183.htm Reasonably low offers accepted, shipping will be...
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    Old Books + Software

    Don't some more clean-out, stuff for sale. Make offer, possibly free. Media rate shipping (if it still exists) Structured COBOL 3rd edition, Gerard Paquette. Acceptable - Good SAMS The Best book of MS_DOS 5, Alan Simpson. Almost perfect Image-In manipulation program. 3.5" floppy diskettes, 286...
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    Into the dark side

    I just recently bought a couple VGA cards for my 286-12 and 386 computers from a recent haul. I'v never really worked on anything past a 486, so this is all new to me. Anyway, I put a card in the 286. It came right up, 640kb base 384kb extended memory OK, both interrupt controllers pass. Then...
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    Intel/Cyrix/AMD Chips

    I just was just given a few boxes of chips. Most were 486dx and dx2, 33 and 66mhz. But I just came across a couple boxes labelled Intel Overdrive Processor chip removal kit. In one is an intel branded pronged chip puller, a 486dx/33 with an hsi warranty void sticker, and a Cyris FasMath...
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    Huntron Tracker 2000 Manual

    I have a Huntron Tracker 2000 with a non-moving trace. I swear I found the troubleshooting/repair guide in pdf format on the web recently, but I didn't save it. Can't find it anywhere now. Does anyone have/know where this manual is? Thanks
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    Tonight's eBay Auctions

    I listed a few things I didn't sell here, take a look. http://cgi.ebay.com/RARE-Timex-Sinclair-1500-2020-Computer-Literacy-Series-/160455157558?cmd=ViewItem&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item255bdf6736#ht_686wt_934...
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    Clean-out Sale!

    Items for sale, if your'e interested, send me a PM. I'm willing to accept any reasonable offers! Pictures upon request More to come soon TIMEX/SINCLAIR 1000, 1016 TS 16KB RAM expansion cart. Box is a bit tattered, overall good cosmetic/working condition. TIMEX/SINCLAIR 1500 Education set (in...
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    Commodore 64 Issue

    Hi everyone, today (funny day for a yard sale) bought a 64, 1541, and power supply all in working condition for $4, awesome steal. Anyway, when it's switched on, the video syncs, but flickers very badly. I loaded some music off the disk drive, and it played chariots of fire fine. I also...
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    Full height Tandon drives

    For Sale. According to Chuck, these were often used in CP/M computers. For specs please refer to this thread: http://www.vintage-computer.com/vcforum/showthread.php?20694-Tandon-TM-100-FS-T&p=141334#post141334 Shoot me a PM if you are interested
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    Tandon TM-100 FS/T

    For sale or trade: 2x Tandon TM-100-4, and 1x TM-100-3 All Built around '83 These are the full-height drives found in the early CP/M computers I have no idea if these work,and have no way to hook them up. I also have no idea what they are worth, so I'm open to offers. They seem to be rarish...
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    Electric Duet

    Hi all, I recently built cowgod's apple II style audio board for the apple I. It works great on the replica 1, but I'm getting tired of listening to the Sonata :) I downloaded the electric duet disk from asimov, and opened it in ciderpress. Almost all the .bin files are completely empty, but...
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    Free to a good home

    Going through some stuff, found some things that aren't needed. Free + shipping from 29033 If you are interested, shoot a PM and I'll get pics (Partial list) 2x serial printers for Commodore 64/128 1x Early version of the 1541 drive, I think the head is misaligned 1x 1571 double sided drive, I...
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    um61512ak-15 or equivalent

    Hi, looking to buy or trade some um61512ak-15 or similar 64k x 8 sram chips (cache), I could use 1-3. Thanks!
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    Wanted: VGA ISA card 286

    Does anyone have a vga isa card that would work on a 286 for cheap? Thanks
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    Odd Intel S-100 Cards

    Hey everyone, I know it's been a while since I'v posted, but recently I got a rather large load of stuff from an elderly lady down the street (for free). Among a 286, TS1500, various 386s, I got a box with a bunch of old 5.25" floppy drives, and a homebuilt backplane. (I'll get pics later)...
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    A very late Introduction

    Hi everyone! I know this is a little late (a year :) ) but i wanted to do a little overdue intro. For the past few months I have been busy with tons of other stuff, and the computer hobby was put on hold, regrettably. Now, however, I am resurfacing that pile of vintage beauty in the corner...
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    Basic Computer games & battle chess

    Hi, I recently aquired a copy of more BASIC computer games by David h. Ahl 1979. Also got Battle Chess for IBM PC DOS 2.0. This is an awesome 3d chess game from interplay. Includes both 5.25" and 3.5" disks. Both are for sale make offer.
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    Odyssey 2 Microprossesor

    Hey all, I have a Odyssey for sale. I don't know exactly what it is, but I just dug it out and it has to go. It has a cart port on top, membrane keyboard, also included: 2 original joysticks. It has no other cables. Requires 12v dc. AS-IS Make an offer. Lok for pics on the 'net.