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    Midwest WANTED: ATX Slot 1 Motherboard with AGP, and IO Shield

    What CPU are you trying to run on it? Pentium II or Pentium III 66Mhz bus 100Mhz or 133Mhz.
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    The South XT-IDE 4.x

    Have an extra XT-IDE rev 4.x I would like to sell money needed $45.00 shipped. I accept PayPal.
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    Pentium 2 - slot 1 heatsink removal

    Just for giggles next time use a hex head screwdriver it is a lot easier than drilling. Not sure of size of hex bit mine is so old I can't read the size on the bit but I would guess around 5/64" or maybe 2mm range
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    Recommendations for cloning SW

    I used Macium a few weeks back to clone a 500GB SSD to a 500GB NVNE without any problems
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    The South AT style mini tower case needed

    Need a decent shape AT style case with PS preferably Mini-Tower with 2 externally accessible 3.5" bays and 2 5.25" bays. Let me know whaqt you have
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    Quick Survey: What version of Dos for XT machines?

    I usually use PC-DOS 3.30 on a 32MB CF card attached to an XTIDE.
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    Tandy 1000SX "Big Blue" (U30) interchange

    how many 41256 do you need? 20? I have about 50 or more that I tested with my retro chip tester and all are good. Just that all my RAM is by different manufacturers. TI, NEC, OKI, SAMSUNG. if interested let me know.
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    Tandy 1000TX big Blue chip

    I finally looked up my Big Blue chip it is part number 8040837 so not the same as the EX, But I decided to put a VGA card in it after all. A trident 9000c board
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    IBM 5160 frame around drives front.

    Those were removed from a dead dual HH 5-1/2" drive IBM XT many years ago. I kept them just in case. if anyone wants them I will sell cheap Just PM Me if interested
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    IBM 5160 frame around drives front.

    these items? Bezel and adapter for the 2 1/2 height drives?
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    The South Just when you thought you have seen it all

    Oh a capacitor might be missing> Ok what about the rest of the chips? I told him to recycle it. That it is worthless but no response.
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    The South Just when you thought you have seen it all

    As title says I can't believe that someone is trying to sell this useless item...
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    Anyone else a member of PayPal who has lost access to thier funds in the past 2 days?

    Paypal has been going down the toilet last few months. I try to send a $20.00 payment between accounts and they put a 5 day hold on it. It gets turned into an eCheck. I called there customer service and asked why. They said it must go through there clearing house first. What a bunch of nonsense...
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    Pentium 2 - slot 1 heatsink removal

    If I remember correctly there not rivets they are hex head screws.
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    The South Tandon TM-502 10 MB MFM hard Drive

    If anyone needs the contoller for the drive you can have it for $20.00 more
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    The South Tandon TM-502 10 MB MFM hard Drive

    I know a little on the high side I will sell just the drive for $100.00. I'll keep the controller and cables. So new price is $100 plus shipping I take paypal.