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    Tandy 2500 RSX

    I am wondering what stock CPU and other components are there in a Tandy 2500 RSX? I might just sell the parts out of it instead of selling the whole thing. If anyone can help me that will be great! Thanks!
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    Another console we found!

    Atari 2600 with 51 games and 3 duplicates. We got 2 fairly new sticks, 2 used, and 4 original. Also a set of paddles and a keyboard for certain games. The Atari is working with wood grain and one all black console not working. Both have 4 switches on the top. We are asking $250 + shipping for...
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    NES For Sale!!

    Don't know if I can post this here but we have to sell this and I am giving you guys the first option to buy it! We just found a NES in working condition, been sitting in my parents closet for a good while, we have 4 controllers, 3 zappers, 2 grey and 1 orange, and a NES advantage, questionable...
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    Modern computer question

    Does anyone know where to get some broken Alienware tower, regular tower and laptops pretty cheap, kind of short on money? I have looked around Ebay and other places and they are wanting way to much for broken stuff. I am wanting to get some more training on this before I take the test next year...
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    Alienware laptop/tower!

    I am looking for an alienware laptop/tower to add to my collection. If anyone has any please post or PM me the specs and how much you are wanting for it. Thanks!
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    Dell Latitude D600 Battery

    I just got a dell Latitude D600 for free. I had to get a hard drive for it and now i am needing a new battery for it. If anyone has one please let me know. I am also looking for a bigger hard drive, 40GB right now. Thanks!!
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    Need some help with a few questions

    I have a compaq tower and it is saying that there is a b: error and I don't have a b drive what could be causing this and how can I fix it? The same computer, I tried to switch out CPU's and found out the one I had wasn't compatible so I switched back to the original and now I am not getting any...
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    Video card question

    Hi, I am wondering if there is an adapter or something to make my AGP slot in my motherboard into a PCI-e slot? I have an 2004 motherboard and I have a PCI-e card that is a lot better then the one in mine now and I just need to see if there is a way to change it without buying a new motherboard...
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    Tandy 2500 RSX

    Hey, I just just have a couple questions about the Tandy I recently got from a hordes house. First is how much would the Tandy be worth? The other question is is there in adapter piece to go on the back on the tandy so it can fit a newer monitor with the VGA hook up? Thanks for your time.
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    Duke Nukem Games

    I am not for sure if it makes it on here but. I have Duke Nukem 3D Aromic Edition with Duke Nukem 3D Shareware and original box, no manuals or papers. I also have Duke Nukem Manhattan Project Total Mutant Mayhem in the original case. All is CD-ROM. I am looking for $30 for it all but I will go...
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    Tandy 2500 RSX

    With the new shipment of stuff I got I got a Tandy 2500 RSX with floppy disks, most to all are 3.5. I am not for sure if it works right now because I don't have the free time to check everything and the only thing I can check is if it actually turns on. I don't have the right cords to see if it...
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    Portable Sega

    I was looking through some boxes I got from a hoarders house and I found a Portable Sega with a wide view attachment and a sonic game in it. I plugged the game in, the 6 batteries were dead, and it actually turned on and works fine. It only game with one game but it is a pretty fun game, a sonic...
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    FS: Old Floppy disk games, 5 1/4 floppy games, and 5 1/4 floppies

    I just got a load of Games from one of my father's friends. I am selling some of the old floppy games and 5 1/4 floppy games and floppies. All the 5 1/4 floppies, not 5 1/4 games, I will take an offer. I have over 100 of the 5 1/4 floppies. I have a couple games I will be posting later. I have...
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    The rest of what I have basically.

    I am still trying to sell what I have. I am taking offers on anything you see in the pictures. I am not for sure what works but I tested the AGP cards and that is how I got their name and MB so what you see is what you get. PM me with offers. Thanks for looking...
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    A couple old parts

    I have a Maxtor Hard Drive 245 MB, the model number is 7245AT. I also have a Quantum Bigfoot TS series hard Drive. And I have a couple old parts I am not for sure what they are but all is for sale. I will be adding more pics later. I am not for sure what works eiter sorry I don't have a way to...
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    Nvidia 6800 or better

    I am currently looking for a working Nvidia 6800 or Better AGP video card. I will buy/trade my items if you are interested in my items. I have very little money at this moment so I can only trade for a while. Thanks
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    AGP video card

    I am trying to upgrade my Alienware and I currently have a Nvidia 6200 512MB video card right now and I want to know what is the best AGP card I can get, preferably nvidia or radeon
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    Looking for memory

    I am looking for DDR1 1 GB sticks that will work in my computer, specs will follow. I am looking for 2 - 4 paired same brand sticks of 1 GB. I will be willing to trade any of my items, you will have to pay for the shipping on my end because it will be more expensive. I can't guarantee that all...
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    Selling old collection of computer cards and micro ram.

    I have recently stumbled across a box of video, sound, and other cards I bought a few years ago. They are old and I cant guarantee that they all will work but I have to sell most of them to free up some space. I am currently taking pictures of the ones I have and am going to post a link here in...