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    Dimension 68000 Review on YouTube

    Hello all, I've posted another (long and dull) video featuring the Dimension 68000, this time I go into more detail on the operation and hardware (showing the mainboard and expansion cards) and if you watch it all the way through, you'll see the parts hoard. There is an error that I need to...
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    Video of Apple ][+ emulation on the Dimension 68000

    I have posted a video on YouTube of my Dimension 68000 running a few Apple ][+ games on the hardware emulator. It's rather long and dull, sorry about that. :) However, I'm hoping that the Apple fans will find it interesting. It just goes to show, ain't nothing like the real thing! :) Video...
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    Kodak/Verbatim 6.6 MB floppy drive

    Hi all, Well, it's been only 7+ years :rolleyes: since the discussion of my Verbatim floppy drive, I've finally gotten a video posted of it in operation. :D Discussion Video
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    What is the term for this?

    What's the proper term for the point to point wiring on a printed circuit board performed by the manufacturer to correct circuit errors? I'd always heard them called ECO (Engineering Change Order). Is there a better or more correct term for this?
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    DimensionDude's YouTube videos of vintage and curious things

    Hi all, I'm going to take a cue from Tezza and use this thread to post links to videos of my collection (great vids, Tezza). Let's start off with a Kodak/Verbatim 6.6MB 5.25" floppy disk drive that I bought used sometime around 1990. Just made the video today so you can see that the drive is...
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    Dimension 68000 video

    Hi all, I've finally gotten around to making a test video of my Dimension 68K in anticipation of creating a series of videos showing the various emulations. There's no explanation or narration as I was just interested in seeing how it would come out video-wise. Please feel free to comment and...
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    Tandy 1800HD

    PM sent, but I'm putting some info here, too. Just in case you do like I do, make a quick check on the forum without logging in. Anyhow, the 1800HD is ready to be boxed up for shipment, only need a shipping address (send by PM for maximum security). The box will include: 1800HD main unit...
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    Wanted: Riser card for IBM PS/1 Consultant model 2155-G76

    Hi MikeS, Location is updated, pics should be attached. Kent edit: Note that all the electrolytic capacitors have been removed.
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    Wanted: Riser card for IBM PS/1 Consultant model 2155-G76

    Well, during the semi-annual fire-up of Ol' Blue, fire was the operative word. It booted into Windows 95 just fine but after a short while I smelled something burning. Immediately pulled the AC plug and removed the case. Apparently the small electrolytic capacitors on the riser card had dried...
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    A plethora of sponges

    Just thought I'd share this with y'all, The tip cleaning sponge for my Weller WTCPT soldering station at work went missing. I dutifully looked up the part number and submitted a parts request for 3 (yes, 3) sponges. Apparently, the Weller part number is for a box of 10 sponges. So, went in...
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    2008 Vintage Video Game Exhibition

    I posted this in the Vintage Game area, might get a few hits here, too. The 2008 exhibition will be in Tulsa, Oklahoma on August 9. More details (such as the address) will be posted shortly. There have been vintage computers at the exhibition in the past such as Commodore, Apple, even an...
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    2008 Tulsa Vintage Video Game Exhibition

    The 2008 vintage video game exhibition is a go for August 9 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I'll post where it will be held when I find out. I'm hoping to be there showing my Sears Telegames Pong and perhaps a Dimension 68000 running some DOS and Apple II games. Kent
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    Just installed Ubuntu 8.04

    As the title says, I just installed Ubuntu on my AMD 64 3200+ with GeForce 6200 video. It supports all the onboard devices (NIC, audio, usb) and my firewire card. The only thing that I've found that it didn't support is the S/PDIF output on my audio. I really like the "add/remove programs"...
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    Cell phone story

    The thread about cell phones made me think of this... Several years ago whilst working on my Jeep, I laid my cell phone on the fender. When I got done, I went in the house and cleaned up. Needed gas for my lawnmower, so I hopped in the Jeep and off I went. Later that day, needed my phone but...
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    RAM size limits

    Now this is really odd. The stated RAM limit on my K7S5A is 1GB. However, it had been long enough that I had forgotten and added an additional 1GB for a total of 2GB. BIOS sees it, Windows sees it and uses it, works great. WTF? Kent
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    End of a lawn mowing era

    My Sears Craftsman riding lawnmower has finally broken something that is not economical to repair. I hadn't mowed in about 3 weeks due to rain almost every day. Didn't rain for two whole days so I decided it was time to get out and mow. The jungle noises coming from the back yard had no...
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    Video of Miniscribe 3650 spinup

    This particular hard drive was used on my BBS many years ago. I got 60 MB capacity out of it by using an RLL controller (it's a 40 MB MFM drive). I especially like the "WHEEP!" sound as the head quickly retracts after stepping across the entire disk. Notice that the lights dim momentarily...
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    Video of Dimension 68000 boot

    I've posted a video of my Dimension 68000 booting on YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yl49cpDFNH4 If anyone is interested, I will make videos of the Dimension starting the various emulators (IBM, Z80, Apple ][) Kent
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    Replacing fluid in a projection tv

    I never had to deal with projection TVs when I worked in the repair shop, the shop owner always handled them. Recently, a friend called me to look at his tv. A quick look revealed that one color was missing (green) which led to the discovery that the focus/screen module was bad. After...
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    What a difference a fan makes!

    Got a Seagate 250GB hdd at Best Buy for $79.95 (regular price $133.95). Installed it in my "file archive" computer in place of a nearly full 40GB drive. Transferred the files...yada yada yada...everything looked good. I had read some reviews online and the general consensus is that these...