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    Coprocessors: Mhz: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Intel-287-XL-Math-CoProcessor-in-Box/274510272462?hash=item3fea1657ce:g:D4gAAOSwh-lfb5Yx Ghz: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Intel-Xeon-Phi-5110P-60-Core-1-053GHz-Coprocessor-C1P87A-708360-001-225w-PCIe/193737354985?hash=item2d1ba56ee9:g:QnAAAOSwrYBfo3Cr...
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    solar light review

    Some products are confusing but the facts are true. I would have all buy new with a retrospect view. The lead solder, copper wires and board traces are turning to dust. And it appears that parts of the circuit boards are also disintegrating. Although the plastic solar panels are crazing and...
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    286 busmaster

    I've seen that MCA and Deep Slot ISA work very well. Looking at newer 16-bit accelerated EISA (Non deep slot) 286 motherboards. Did any have support for both ISA bus mastering and ISA XMS expansion cards?
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    Win3x Monochrome VGA Display

    I don't know much about VGA hardware and I'm also curious of the workings of Windows 3.1 display drivers. This project was created to help expand my knowledge. Since monochrome uses only a single page of memory I thought it might be a good place to start. After installing the Windows 3.1 VGA...
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    Turbo Pascal memory TSR

    Creating TSR drivers in Turbo Pascal 6 or 7 is very easy. I created a TSR to reserve some conventional memory for a windows driver: {$S-,N-} {$M 1024, 0, 0} Program PCIUSB64; Uses Crt,Dos; Var SavedInt99h:Pointer; Var segm,offs:word; type datahold=record a1:word; a2:word; a3:word...
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    386/486 windows software

    Concerning windows on Later PCs. Would software such as... http://turkeys4me.byethost4.com/programs/Svstp2v.zip be classed under "Later PCs" 386/486? How would you class the software requirements for windows 3.1 programs? Could you give some good examples?
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    Windows 3.1

    Welcome to the group.
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    Windows 3.1 drivers for newer hardware

    Although very few people use windows 3.1 at all, I have been playing with it on some newer hardware. I have some Windows 3.1 sound drivers for newer sound cards. They Require more than 65MB of ram. (SETXMSTO.EXE or Himemx ) http://turkeys4me.byethost4.com/programs/index.htm Win3x can be a...