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    Pacific Commodore Expo NW 2023 - June 24-25

    LCM is open again? I thought for sure it was going to close.
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    Why do you do this? (retro-coding)

    I like coding on the machines I originally used and didn't have have the money to afford. Boyle's law applies to computer science.... I like the mental stimulation of working in small places with limited resources and seeing what can happen. I'm going back further to machines that were around...
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    DEC Fortran IV

    Thanks for passing it on... I'm getting ready for some projects in Fortran for RT-11. I'm taking note of your suggestion.
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    FS: Breakthru 286 accelerator card - includes all manuals and software

    I still have the software in my archive. Send a PM and we can chat.
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    Southwest WTB: Socket 7 AT Motherboard

    Thanks all for your suggestions. I'm holding off for a bit.... spouse getting ready for surgery.
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    Southwest WTB: Socket 7 AT Motherboard

    I'm looking to buy a Socket 7 Motherboard in AT Style. I would like it to have an Intel 430VX or 430TX chipset - I have an Intel 200 MMX and an AT Beige case I would like to make useful. Send me a direct message. I live in Las Vegas and will pay reasonable shipping.
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    Trs-80 model 1, level 1 rom differences

    I have a Model 1 Level 1 with 4K. How would I know if the board version can run that hack mentioned above?
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    Your best and worst vintage computer investments?

    I'm a hobbyist.... I don't buy/obtain old tech for investing.... I do it for the fun/enjoyment. Now, if someone offered me a VAX 11/780 free..... well, that would require some house re-arranging... :)
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    What are the top 10 rarest vintage computer bits you own?

    The rarest vintage computer I have is a TRS Model 1 Rom 1 with the original 4K of memory with Tandy Monitor aka TV Set. From around 1977 I believe. Has not been modified. You can type in programs for Rom 1 Basic or attach a Tape Drive and use it to load/store progames. Also have the original...
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    BSDs- History and Use Thereof Past and Present.

    Is it possible to image the tape and upload it to Archive.org? It would be interesting to see it. - Geoff
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    Anyone remember minix for 8088?

    Minix 1 did not run/use protected mode in any processor out of the box. There was a 386 Minix patch that changed that to protected mode for version 1.5. Minix 2 would work in protected mode with the 286 up. With the 286, it would still be limited by segmentation. Minix 3 only runs on...
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    Wanted: Leading Edge Model D BIOS Image 3.01 for DC-2011

    I just moved from Portland to Las Vegas two years ago .... not too many vintage tech heads out here. Leading Edge Model D is one of my favorite systems and mine is in pretty good shape.
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    Wanted: Leading Edge Model D BIOS Image 3.01 for DC-2011

    Hi Robert... I didn't have any success in either, but I've removed all the cards and am going to try it again this weekend.... just got home from a long trip and I'm catching up, as they say. PDX - Yiou are in Portland OR?
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    New site

    This is great! Different, but looks very promising. Great job!
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    New acquistion - Tandy Enhanced TRS-80 Model II w/software

    Here is the picture of the unit. I think its in pretty good shape. I'm not sure how far I want to go with aesthetics (scratches, painting, etc). Right now, I want to clean it up nicely and replace as many of the discrete components as needed to keep it going into the future. Any...
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    New acquistion - Tandy Enhanced TRS-80 Model II w/software

    I am the new owner of a Enhanced TRS-80 Model II - includes the 68K card and I have a huge collection of software. I powered the system on once just to make sure it worked... it does but the screen is out of sync. GIve the age, I would like to do a complete tear down and rebuild starting with...
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    TRS 80 Model 1 Level 1 - CPM?

    Getting ready for the 2021 projects... I have a beautiful, low serial# TRS 80 Model 1 Level 1 I rescued from a Storage Locker in Ohio late last year. I've tested it and it works like a champ. I want to get it working, but I'm feeling hesitant to upgrade it to Level II. Having researched it...
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    XT-IDE plus OS ROM on the same chip?

    Good Morning from LV! First OT - to our members in OR where I'm from - thoughts and prayers for all you during the wildfires. Stay safe! Back to topic, My next project is to get my compaq 8088 portable restored. I have a working XT-IDE card, but I know that the ROM chip doesn't use all of...
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    Wanted: Leading Edge Model D BIOS Image 3.01 for DC-2011

    I swapped out my stock BIOS for the SuperXT BIOS several years ago. I've decided I would like to return my Model D back to original condition. After looking for it, it seems I have lost the original chip during one of many moves. Can anyone post/send an image copy of the 3.01 ROM? It should...
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    386 BIOS - High and Low vs Odd and Even

    I have a 386 system with an Award 3.03 Modular BIOS (32K each). It is split into High and Low. It is possible to substitute it with a BIOS marked Odd and Even? If so, which Bits correspond with which (I assume High = Odd, Low = even). Thanks! Geoff