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  1. tradde

    My first IRQ conflict! Need some help.

    I used Slackware back in those times.
  2. tradde

    Hello from Pennsylvania.

    Welcome to the forums.
  3. tradde

    DEC units on ebay

    I sure hope that one card towards the back is not really inserted into two slots. Half the card appears to be in one slots and half in the next one over. Or maybe it's just laying in there. Hard to tell. $5999 is way too much for this system. But all the seller needs to find is one idiot...
  4. tradde

    looking for help - DEC 3100 VAXstation power supply H7821

    Did you possible have your probes reversed and read +5v as -5v? Just a thought.
  5. tradde

    OS/8 running on a PDP-8/L with 8KW memory and a non-standard mass storage device.

    I had two DF32s long ago. I had plans to somehow keep the electronics as is and use them to then talk to an emulated actual drive. Never did get around to that though.
  6. tradde

    Some DEC Pro Online Resources

    I also have a Rainbow 100A. And quite a few spare parts. I can make new floppies too. But I was not successful in trying to use Kermit to get files to the machine. I know I did this in the past (but transferring a file from it) capturing a ROM dump for someone.
  7. tradde

    Found a Coco3 at Goodwill. Need help with diagnoses of problem.

    Welcome to the forums. Nice find for $3. I also suggest it needs a good cleaning first of all.
  8. tradde

    Some DEC Pro Online Resources

    I too have a Pro-350. With the color monitor. I haven't done much with it as I've never been able to copy stuff to it. The disks are in the weird DEC format that is not compatible with a DOS disk. Wish it had the network card, but it does not. I have a few spare cards that came with it.
  9. tradde

    Ultimate PDP-8 ideas thread

    I never used to think I would like Emacs. Then I forced myself to learn to use it. Actually developed a major mode to help with searching a document for specific words for work. I don't mind it but on quick edits I still use VI.
  10. tradde

    My research about graphics of the Pro

    I'd be interested to hear how you used xhomer to put files onto your Pro. I downloaded the code. I will later build it on my Linux box. I never knew what this was. I had seen it mentioned but never knew there was a Pro emulator.
  11. tradde

    SCSI SD card adapter for Emulex Qbus card?

    Congratulations. It does feel good when a system boots.
  12. tradde

    Hello from Ohio

    Welcome to the forums.
  13. tradde

    Unusual IC

    I have to admit I've never seen an IC that looks like that. Wow indeed.
  14. tradde

    Why did DOS/86 overtake CP/M-z80 ?

    Maybe he does that too? :)
  15. tradde

    Weird characters in kaypro II boot

    That was my thought: Don't overwrite your original. But I too have not followed that advice occasionally. "I'll never need this again". DOH.
  16. tradde

    DEC units on ebay

    I agree nice looking machine. I hope they did not power it on configured like it is (I agree with your assessment). But way too high a starting bid. I'd expect this might go for $1500 to $2500.
  17. tradde

    Me and my pdp-8/L

    Welcome to the forums. Nice deal.