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    Micro House Technical Library cd

    Does anyone know were I can get the full version of the Micro House Technical Library cd, not the demo or book. the cd and extra libs that later became the th99? thanks.
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    WTB: USA: Somewhat less then vintage parts

    I'm looking for parts to build a retro gaming PC. I'm looking for top end parts only. Parts I may be interested in are. SB32 ct3600 or AWE 64 Gold. Video cards such as, s3 virge GX2 apg, voodoo3 agp, 12mb voodoo2 100mhz ram or faster, voodoo1, voodoo4500 agp, AGP Rage pro 8mb or 16mb. High end...
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    WTB:USA: Vintage ATX tower case.

    I had that case before. Nice case, but not what I'm looking for. far to new. I'm looking for something abit more like this. I'll deal with what ever lack of cooling there is by modding the case. Basically a bigger mid tower with a simple flat design, 2 5-1/2 and one 3-1/4 or more bays.
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    WTB:USA: Vintage ATX tower case.

    I'm looking for a early AXT case 1995 to 2000ish. Must be mid size or bigger, beige and good cooling for the age. I"m kinda picky on what I'm looking for so if you have something shoot me a photo and I will let you know if I could use it. Thanks.
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    WTB: koolance PC1-c and ABIT KT7-RAID

    I'm looking for a koolance PC1-c and any water cooling parts from it or any other water cooling parts from the mid 90s to early 00s and a working ABIT KT7-RAID. Thanks.
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    Parting out an x79 system

    Yelled selling this on anther sote but a mod did not like how I was under cutting the market there. Asking 100$+shipping for the rampage iv baord. Asking 20$+shipping for the ram Asking 50$+ shipping for the Titan gtx with block. Asking 50$+shipping for all the water cooling parts. Asking...
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    FS:USA: Big lot of very early water cooling parts.

    I really hate to sell all these. But here it goes. I'm asking 50$+shipping. I only ship within the USA. For sale is all my very early water cooling parts. 3 CPU blocks with mounts for socket 5/7/370/462 478 and 939. Two gpu blocks. Two chip set blocks Two hard Drive blocks 4 rads, two form...
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    [WTB][USA] 5.25 bay covers for Koolance case

    I have a Koolance PC2-c case. Its missing the 5.25" bay covers and and the USB front panel cover at the very bottom. If anyone has these parts or a similar 5.25" bay cover let me know. They are not flat bay covers but more round. If anyone has bay covers that are not flat and more...
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    crt rejuvenation.

    Its been a long time since I done this, years, many years. Does anyone have any good links or info on rejuvenating a old CRT monitors. I have a few that need it. Thanks.
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    Socket 8 boards with 440LX or BX chipsets.

    OK so for those of you that don't know this, there were socket 8 to slot one converters out there. See image. This has left me thinking, if these Slotkets work in 440lx boards and some early 440bx boards, were there any native socket 8 boards that used 440lx or 440bx? It would be cool to find...
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    WTB: High end parts for a erly 00's gaming PC.

    I'm looking for top end parts from around 2001-2003 for a high end 100% era correct liquid cooled gaming PC. I don't mind too much what parts I end up with as long as there very high end parts. Whats parts I'm looking for. Motherboard, sk370, sk462 or sk478. Ether a NF2 or 875. If I end up...
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    How would have the stock computers worked in trading places.

    Anyone remember the movie trading places from 83? Near the beginning of the movie the two Duke brothers are in the back of a rolls royce looking at a computer screen with real time stock quotes. Every time I watch this movie im stuck wondering how that would have worked in 83. I know there...
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    WTB: highend DDR ram and AGP video card.

    I'm looking for some high end DDR ram, like 500mhz ddr ram and a higher end video card. like an 6800gt or 5950 ultra.
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    WTB: Koolance CPU-200G block with 370/462 mounts.

    I'm restoring a old water cooled system and I'm looking for a second CPU200 block with socket 462/370 mounts, I'm willing to buy just the mounts or just the block. But very much need them both. I'm hoping to put a dual Barton system in it and I only have one cpu block. This is the block I'm...
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    FS: USA: 7700t, 980ti, ddr4, HDDs, water cooling parts.

    I'm parting out a system. Id like to sell everything to one person. But in willing to sell parts separately. I don't think anyone here would really want these kind of parts, but I thought Id offer. I'm open to any offers. Photos can be seen here on my HWbot post...
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    So I found a complete koolance PC2-C.

    Not long ago I found a koolance PC2-C case with liquid cooling system from around late 2002. Sadly in late 2002 they got rid of the water cooled PSU. But the late 2002 model has far better water blocks. It needs some TLC and some bits replaced. I'm thinking of putting a socket A system in it...
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    Apps for Nextstep and openstep.

    I always wanted to mess around with Nextstep or openstep and after doing some reading I found that they made a x86 version. What all kind of apps aside from what was shipped with Nextstep and openstep are there for it? I'm going to guise that the x86 version does not have much anything for it...
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    Tossing around the idea of a PPro again.

    I been wanting to build a dual first gen Pentium MMX or PPro system for years. But every time I set out to do this something gets in the way. Now I'm tossing around the idea again. I want to keep the system as 1996-1997 as possible and I want to ask a few things. From a 32bit gaming stand...
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    ASUS GeForce FX5950 Ultra trade for modern GPU (GTX680 or Equivalent)

    Calm down dude the 710 uses a rebranded 630 gt core. its a low end piece of junk in terms of gaming and the 5950 is believe it or not a really pricey card for what it is. oh and
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    FS: USA: AT Supermicro AT P6DKF motherboard and parts.

    I take paypal and only ship within the USA. I'm asking $50+shipping or best offer. The parts were power on tested and I can grantee what all works and to what extant. One of the two PSU failed seconds after powering it on for the second time, could be a blown fuse or something more, I do not...