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    FS: Macintosh System 7 Disk Sets

    Have some System 7 disk sets (with the cardboard folders). Diskettes in each folder are listed below. Haven't tested the disks but all are in good condition and stored in a controlled climate. Asking $15 for each set - will make a deal if you buy more than one! Shipping is from 24202 zip. -Mac...
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    FS: Compaq iPaq H3955 PDA 64MB

    This is for a Compaq iPaq H3955 handheld pocket PC. It has 64MB of RAM. Includes the cradle, AC adapter, car charger, original manuals and documentation, and comes in the original box. It includes the stylus and does still hold a charge. Works great! Asking $25 plus shipping
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    FS: AOpen Custom PC Pentium III

    AOpen Custom PC - was once an office server. It has: -Pentium III -AOpen AX34 II motherboard. I recapped it a while back since the old caps were bulging. -512MB RAM -2x 40GB Seagate drives -Seagate TBU, CD, Floppy, dual Promise SuperSwap system with Promise RAID controller card (more on...
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    FS: IBM EGA Card with Memory Expansion Card

    I have an IBM EGA card available. Has the memory expansion card (fully populated). Have not tested it (lack of an adapter :mad: ), but was pulled from a working system several years ago. $30 plus shipping.
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    FS: Misc Boxed Software

    I have some boxed software for sale: *Lantastic Ethernet kits - two of the three boxes have he BNC Ethernet adapter in them and all have documentation. *Norton Antivirus 5.0 - includes disc. *Calera Word Scan Plus OCR - includes disks and manuals. *PFS First Choice Office Productivity software...
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    FS: Boxed Microsoft Word 2.0 Set & Blank 5.25 Disks & Other Misc Software

    Have three things for sale - - The first is a Microsoft Word 2.0 boxed set. This comes with the original box. It includes the 5.25 installation disks, Getting Started booklet, MS Equation Editor, booklet, MS Draw booklet, MS Windows 3.1 "Getting Started" booklet, MS Graph booklet, and the Word...
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    FS: Trackstar Plus Apple II Emulator Card

    The Trackstar Plus allows Apple software (designed for the II series) to run on select IBM compatible PCs. I pulled this from a PS/2 Model 30 years ago and it worked then. Have not tested it recently. Includes the video cable to route the PC's video output through the Trackstar. $30 shipped...
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    WTB AST Six Pack Plus Memory Card

    Still need one? I've got a spare here. (Sidenote - wow, the chair cushion has some really contrasting colors...)
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    FS: IBM AT 5170 Type 1

    I'm selling my 5170. It works just fine and is in great shape. It has the rear dark grey plastic cover piece. Also comes with the two pictured manuals - DOS 3.3 and 5170 Operations It's got: Seagate ST-138 (32MB) 1.2MB floppy drive Serial / Parallel I/O card BocaRAM AT 4MB card with...
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    FS: Apple //c Diskettes

    These are the "intro" disks that originally came with an Apple //c. As best that I can recall, they all work. They are all in good condition. $15 shipped.
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    FS: Dell System 310

    Selling my Dell System 310. Haven't used it in a long time and it needs to find a new home. It's in good condition. Features a 386 processor with a math coprocessor, 12MB (I think) of RAM, a 200MB Maxtor HDD, a 1.2MB 5.25 drive, a 3.5" drive, and a tape drive. Also has the controller card for...
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    FS: IBM Terminal Keyboard

    I have an IBM Terminal Keyboard for sale. It's a Model M variant, part # 1395660. Asking $20 plus shipping.
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    FS: Various ISA / PCI Cards

    Trimming down the collection a bit - and because an antique truck restoration is not cheap. Shipping is from zip code: 24202 In Order: Western Digital WDXT-GEN2 HDD Controller, SIIG BIOS card, Quadram QuadEGA video card, Western Digital WDXT-GEN2 HDD Controller card, Everex EV-170 Multi I/O...
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    Free: AT Tower Case

    Free to a good home - generic AT tower case. I don't have the cover, just the case. Just pay shipping.
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    ASTvision 5L Monitor For Sale

    I have an AST ASTvision 5L monitor for sale. Works great! The marks on the bottom are rubber marks from a bike tire - which will come off easily. Asking $10 plus shipping.
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    FS: AT&T 486 Case

    I have an AT&T 486 case for sale. It has the motherboard, PSU, and floppy drive still in it. The motherboard, AFAIK, is dead. Spent several hours trying to revive it to no avail. The power supply and floppy drive both work. I'll also throw in the AT&T keyboard that came with it. Asking $20 plus...
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    Seagate ST-225 For Sale

    Have an ST-225 for sale. Have not tested it thoroughly, but it does power up and pass the seek test. Asking $10 plus shipping for it.
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    Commodore 64 & VIC 20 For Sale

    I am selling my Commodore computers, which consists of two C64s and a VIC 20. The first Commodore 64 is in it's original box with matching serial number sticker on the box. Includes the pictured Commodore 1802 monitor, power adapter, two game cartridges, RF adapter, boxed 1541 drive, 1541...
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    Compaq ProLiant ML350 Server Wanted

    I'm looking to buy one of these if anyone has one they would like to sell. This is the G1 version; the one where the bottom half of the front cover looks like the silhouette outline of the power button on most Deskpros.
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    FS: Ungermann-Bass SCSI Emulation Card

    Have an Ungermann-Bass ethernet card for sale. I did not test it for it's intended purpose, but it did not cause any issues when I had it in my Compaq Portable III. (Used it as a filler card) $15 plus shipping