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  1. Brown

    Hello from Pennsylvania.

    Hello Jim! Welcome to the VCFED.org.
  2. Brown

    Hello from Ohio

    Hello Joe! Welcome to the forum.
  3. Brown

    Hello from the northern Plains USA

    Welcome to the forums!
  4. Brown

    Greetings from Long Island NY

    Welcome to vcfed.org!
  5. Brown

    Hello from Virginia

    Welcome to Vcfed.org! Quest games from Sierra are, the best.
  6. Brown

    Hi from Australia

    Welcome to the forum Joe!
  7. Brown

    Hello, New to forum

    Hello Boon! Welcome to the forum.
  8. Brown

    Adventure Games. Now many did you complete without cheating?

    I began playing Adventures games in 1994 on the ZX-Spectrum, (cassette version). Played to study the English language. Need to crack all Adventures games, for search words. I played "The Hobbit". All Adventures games from Melbourne House, are very hard...
  9. Brown

    Good evening from Germany!

    Willkommen in VCFED.ORG, Herr Jan.
  10. Brown

    Hello from Colorado

    I do have not an IBM monitor or video card. My EGA monitor works.
  11. Brown

    IBM PC XT-286 & "The choice of the right hard disk drive"

    Thanks, for the picture. My 80286 XT and AT, completed only Seagate HDD.
  12. Brown

    Hello From Washington, DC Metro Area!

    Hello Ryan! Welcome to the VCFed.org. I have an 8-bit ZX-Spectrum, the Commodore`s best graphic.
  13. Brown

    Hello from Colorado

    Welcome to the VCFed.org. I have computer 80286 with EGA and VGA video adapters and monitor.
  14. Brown

    IBM PC XT-286 & "The choice of the right hard disk drive"

    Historical accuracy - corporation IBM used HDD from Seagate (ST-225). Company WD and Compaq designed the first AT HDD (40-pin). Company Compaq competitor corporation IBM.
  15. Brown

    Hello from Canada

    Welcome to the forums! Project Tandy 1000 RL – the good. I project IBM PC XT.
  16. Brown

    Video Memory for Games

    1. Video RAM for DOS games: XT EGA ISA-8 128 k , AT ISA-16 VGA 256k. 2. Video RAM for Win 95 games: ISA-16 SVGA 1 MB 3. Video RAM for Win 98 games: PCI SVGA (1024x768) 4 MB Windows XP is hard for vintage computers.
  17. Brown

    Adventure Games. Now many did you complete without cheating?

    I finished the quest: Leisure Suit Larry 1: In the Land of the Lounge Lizards, VGA DOS version. https://www.mobygames.com/game/413/leisure-suit-larry-1-in-the-land-of-the-lounge-lizards/ Text adventures are hard for me. The best text adventures - Kayleth...
  18. Brown

    Classic game remakes. Share your finds.

    I played Elite Released 1985 ZX-Spectrum: https://www.mobygames.com/game/1324/elite/ and played the remake, Elite Plus Released 1991 DOS on 80286: https://www.mobygames.com/game/3433/elite-plus/
  19. Brown

    Ken Williams (Sierra) Interview

    Thanks for the interview. Sierra On-Line, - the best developer adventure games!
  20. Brown

    RealDOOM: A port of DOOM to Real Mode

    IBM PC XT it has a game-limited content, - mode VGA 640x480x256 color - AT game content (80286 or high processors supported ISA-16 bus).