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  1. ardent-blue

    IBM Personal Page Printer II 4216

    Never seen an -030 before. Looks like they were built new and you have proof that the -020 were upgraded. Announcement 189-012 IBM PERSONAL PAGE PRINTER II (4216-030) all I got so far Missing some files, but maybe the -020 to -030 was an RPO, and not contained in an announcement letter. I...
  2. ardent-blue

    Cassette BASIC and storage

    > What are you planning on doing? I'm trying to drink myself into an early grave. This seems to be an excellent way to get there... BootLPT-86 is interesting, it runs an InterLink style of transfer to another system that has the needed system files. BUT this requires another system to be the...
  3. ardent-blue

    Cassette BASIC and storage

    Folks, some tidbits have arisen on the Cassette BASIC used on PS/2s, not much, but it makes me curious... The early PS/2s, 8550-8580, use Cassette BIOS C1.0 [32KB in size], I DIMMly remember. The later PS/2s use Cassette BASIC C1.10 [32KB in size], but it is not easily accessible. Cassette...
  4. ardent-blue

    IBM SCSI w/cache in PS/2 Model 50 troubles

    > Still can't see the drives in dos though. I never used FD utilities. Does PCDOS or MSDOS FDISK notice anything?
  5. ardent-blue

    IBM SCSI w/cache in PS/2 Model 50 troubles

    Replacing the IBM 1.01 BIOS with the FD 3.61 BIOS should do you, can't say for sure, I don't have a ZuluSCSI. There is one annoyance with a Patriot in a system with no power plugs [50 and 70], you cannot easily find power for a SCSI device. The ZuluSCSI can probably work just fine off the SCSI...
  6. ardent-blue

    The curse of fake parts out of China.

    Fake parts out of China is a meme. For good [bad?] reason. It is amazing how much trouble the fakers go through to remove original printing and texture from chips that might have been scavenged from scrap, rejects, or pirated production from a Chinese factory. How long these fakes will last is...
  7. ardent-blue

    Looking for Texas Instruments "SPRA025 TMS320-SCSI Target Controller Application Report"

    Uh, Internet Archive, no hits, went to www.ti.com in IA, no holy joy. Went to the current TI site, zee-ro hits. Can't trust Gooble, am I to believe maybe four pages of hits, most the same index released by TI...
  8. ardent-blue

    IBM SCSI w/cache in PS/2 Model 50 troubles

    Uh, you could try FD_MCS700_361.ZIP, The latest IBM BIOS for the Patriot was 1.01 [released about the same time], but the FD BIOS is unencumbered with IBM turbo-diddling. FD and IBM BIOS Differences IBM BIOS scans 6-0, FD scans 0-6. The Patriot was used in the IDE-based Lacuna. As such, it does...
  9. ardent-blue

    Looking for Texas Instruments "SPRA025 TMS320-SCSI Target Controller Application Report"

    I czeched my TMS320C2x Fixed Point DSP Application Notes page, not there :( SPRA025 - TMS320-SCSI Target Controller Application Report Not that anyone is gonna use it like this, but perhaps it will suggest another way to do something...
  10. ardent-blue

    Looking for a basic BIOS source code for a 80188

    APPENDIX I - 80186/80188 Differences page 78 physical of Intel Application note AP-186 Not much, less than a page... This is for those of us that have dabbled with Spock.
  11. ardent-blue

    PS/2 Model 40/57/77 PSU - Capacitor list?

    A good pair of vice grips with fine teeth at the tips will probably do in a pinch [I'm a poet and I don't know it...]. Though a good set of security torx would be useful on other PSUs as well...
  12. ardent-blue

    RS-232 to Current Loop Interface

    I -assume- this was for the 5170 adapters?
  13. ardent-blue

    The South IBM Image Adapter/A MCA video card.

    Pardon me, but why? I'd love to get one to work at 16 bit color, but IIRC there were two 16 bit resolutions, 640x480x64K NI, 1024x768x64K Interlaced. Uses AI as well. Image Adapter/A and Image-I Adapter/A pages.
  14. ardent-blue

    IBM SCSI w/cache in PS/2 Model 50 troubles

    Arrghhh. SCSI error codes are different in POST versus advanced diagnostics. 00967014 8210 0096 SCSI w/cache, PUN of 7 [adapter is ID7], LUN of 0 [all IBM PS/2 SCSI use just one LUN], Slot is 1, Capacity is "4" and that is unknown to me. Unit Reference Code [UFC] is "8" and you are not going...
  15. ardent-blue

    IBM SCSI w/cache in PS/2 Model 50 troubles

    Hot d*mn, wimmen and children down! After adding the SCSI device, does it throw ANY boot-time errors on the screen? Initialization usually is for memory on-adapter that the system can use. Examples, any memory expansion adapter or a MCMaster. The 512K on Spock is managed by the on-board...
  16. ardent-blue

    IBM PS/2 8570: What have I got myself into?

    8570 Type 3 & 4 Planar page The 386 -A61 and -A21 can be upgraded by a 486/25 Power Platform. It uses the same planar, with the exception of the ROM chips. The only 486 system that supports memory expansion adapters is the model 70 A21 System Firmware (POST & BIOS) One of them there 16-bit...
  17. ardent-blue

    IBM SCSI w/cache in PS/2 Model 50 troubles

    Took me a bit to wrap my kontuzed brain around this. First, the 50/50z looks to support the SCSI w/cache, there was an ECA on an early Tribble or Spock and a downlevel SCSI adapter. But the three can is not affected. There are ways to update SC.EXE to the later '92 version. Try BOPT103.EXE for...
  18. ardent-blue

    IBM SCSI w/cache in PS/2 Model 50 troubles

    Go for the burn! AdapterID 0DF9Fh AdapterName "Integrated Fixed Disk and Controller" Fixedresources int 0eh ["e" is 14] Sharing an IRQ is not bad, but the next part has the DBA-ESDI drive booting first: Prompt "Primary/Alternate Port Addresses" Choice "Primary" io...
  19. ardent-blue

    Is PS/2 Model 50z PSU supposed to be this hot?

    The 50 PSU depends on a case mounted fan to suck air through the grills / mesh openings on the PSU. If there is a build-up of fluff or grime in the PSU, it makes things harder. Inside of a 70 PSU shows dust bunniez.
  20. ardent-blue

    Period serial port pinout for serial devices [1980s]

    Transmitter Clock (pin 24) provides the modem with transmit signal element timing information (optional). If the DTE sources the transmit signal element timing on this pin, the modem can be configured to use this clock signal rather than its own internal clock. This signal pertains to...