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    XT clone overlock -- where can I find 50 ns 18-pin 256K DRAM?

    EDIT: Mistake in the topic and can't edit, it's 128 KB / 1 Mbit. In my absurd quest for a 20 MHz overclocked XT clone, my 70 ns RAM is holding me back and I'm stuck at 15 MHz! Going to 16 MHz makes goofy things happen, and beyond that it won't POST. I have a 16 MHZ rated V20 already so it's...
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    Wanted: 16 MHz rated NEC V20 CPU

    Looking for a 16 MHz rated V20. I'm having trouble keeping a 10 MHz one stable beyond 15. There are some cheap ones from China on the bay, but I'm not sure if I trust them to be real...
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    Turbo XT refuses to engage the turbo!

    I found the same document, but I've been unsuccessful finding any utility for an Acer 710. I had some time to rip the BIOS tonight, It's a Phoenix. It actually does say so on post. I threw the ripped BIOS into my emulator though. This is what it looks like, if it's familiar to anyone.
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    Turbo XT refuses to engage the turbo!

    I have this clone board, I've had it forever. I have never been able to get it to go into turbo mode! Topbench reports 4.77 mhz no matter what. The jumper has no effect. Ctrl-alt-plus or -minus have no effect. I even tried manually toggling bit 2 of port 61h high. The bit goes high, verified by...
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    I'm running an IRC server on an 8088...

    This is a thing that I've wanted to do for a long time! I ported Alex Barton's ngIRCd software, which is a lightweight, RFC-compliant (plus some extras) IRC server, over to 16-bit DOS using Open Watcom and mbbrutman's mTCP stack. It runs on any 8088+ PC with enough RAM. It was of course written...
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    Network-based boot disk driver for 8088+ PCs -- Would anyone find this useful?

    OK this is working and it seems to be pretty stable, but I'm getting terrible speeds. I need to figure out what the deal is with this. Probably something stupid/simple... This is a NEC V20 @ 4.77 MHz with a 3C509B NIC. I know that's a slow PC, but it seems like it should be able to do...
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    Network-based boot disk driver for 8088+ PCs -- Would anyone find this useful?

    Would anyone else find a piece of software like this useful? I've been experimenting with the idea of an int 13h network disk driver layer via UDP and am wondering if I'm the only one who would find it useful? I have more old PC's than I have hard drive controllers, plus there are old laptops...
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    Later model turbo XT clone motherboard has weird issues

    I've got a 10 MHz XT clone board with a V20, not sure of the brand. It's a later model that seems to be more integrated than most, and it's not very large. Anyway, lately it's got a strange issue where it always throws a KB error on post, yet the keyboard works fine. It happens with any...
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    WTB: 8088/286 laptop in decent condition, preferably with hard drive.

    I'm looking for a good 8088 or 286 laptop, ideally with a working hard drive. It doesn't have to be mint, but I'm not looking for something that's been beat up either. A few scratches and minor yellowing is fine with me! Chips out of the plastic and missing screws are bad. Sometimes these...
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    Memory allocation and usage monitoring in Open Watcom C large model.

    Hi everyone, I haven't been around here much in quite a while! I see both a lot of familiar names still posting, and some new so I'm glad to see the forum is still alive and kicking. :) I'm porting a piece of network software from *nix to real mode DOS using Open Watcom and the Watt32 lib. It's...
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    Is there any software that does thorough testing of an IBM PC/XT chipset?

    Hi all, does anybody know of any software that can do thorough tests of chips like the 8253, 8259, 8255, 8237, etc? And that can run on an 8088 or 80186? Something that really tests out all or at least most of their functionality. I started writing a new XT-class PC emulator to address the...
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    Intel 8080 CPU emulator: need help finding bug(s)

    Hi all, VERY long time since I've posted here. I see a lot of both old and new names on the VCF! This isnt about programming FOR a vintage computer, but I didn't know where else to post this. As the title says, I think I need some help tracking down a bug in an 8080 emulator that I've been...
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    Getting Orinoco Gold DOS wifi packet driver to work correctly

    I've got this Orinoco Gold card, I'm trying to get it to work in my old Canon Notejet 486C. I've got the CAD driver loaded. Unsure if I'm using the right settings. The PD seems to communicate with the card if I use 0x300, IRQ 11, mem 0xD000. Although I don't know if those values are correct for...
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    Prototype C65 goes for almost $23,000 USD

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ultra-rare-Commodore-65-C65-DX64-prototype-working-serial-22-/171673209321?nma=true&si=S3sWF2JVSFaZFDcin1Ddu6376FE%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 Wow! What else can I say? :eek: There's a new car...
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    Opening an IBM 5155

    Just got a nice working 5155 by way of eBay. I feel inadequate in my nerdliness right now, because I can't seem to find an obvious way to get the case off. What do I have to do here? Is there a trick to it, or am I as dumb as I think I am?
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    Testers for Intellicache disk cache software

    If anybody is interested... I've been writing a disk cache utility called Intellicache, and I'm looking for testers. The way this one works is that it keeps a number of multiple cache buffers in memory. By default, 16 caches of 2 KB, you can modify this on the command line. use icache.exe /...
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    Properly forwarding to an old int handler in Turbo C++

    I'm working on a TSR project in Turbo C++ that involves hooking int 13h. I moved the old int handler to int FDh. There are several functions I intercept, but the rest get passed through to the old handler. Every program I've tried works so far, except for DEFRAG.EXE. It hangs at the drive...
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    XT-IDE card

    I don't know if these are still being produced new, I suspect they're not, but does anybody have any working XT-IDE cards they would sell? I've got an IBM 5155 portable coming from eBay and I would love to outfit it with a (modernish) hard drive. I only have one card, it's one of the original...
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    Looking for XT-IDE card

    EDIT: Please delete, wrong subforum - sorry!
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    Bought a new car

    I picked up this nice little 1999 Mustang GT 5-speed to celebrate getting a new job... that and I was tired of driving around somebody else's car. New remanufactured Ford motor from last year! 3 yr/100k mile warranty on that. 110k miles on the rest of the car, runs great. Sounds good, has an...