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    The South For Sale: Working IBM 5140 PC Convertible + 5144 Monitor + Huge Lot of Accessories ***Local Pickup 30% Discount*** Boca Raton, FL

    Congrats (to both the seller and the buyer). I saw that listing when it went live and it looked like a very nice, complete, well-cared for machine.
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    Western Europe Cobalt Qube or Cobalt RaQ

    Unfortunately I don't own one, but I did lease a Cobalt Raq for the longest time, long after it was obsolete, for $200/mo. I kept putting off the work to migrate to something newer, faster, and cheaper. I'm curious, why do you want one? I don't remember anything particularly noteworthy about...
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    Interrupt handling on the 8008 CPU

    Thanks. That's what I was looking for! I had envisioned using the 193 as a counter, but it's nice to also get an implementation of the timing, and the article also has code for the stack save with control flags too! I'm going to have to put my own spin on it, and try it out.
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    Interrupt handling on the 8008 CPU

    Researched this for a bit Sunday night. It seems a well-known limitation of the 8008 that there's no way to save the registers from inside an ISR without destroying the contents of two of them. There were a few articles mentioning this had been overcome by implementing a stack as an IO port. I...
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    Interrupt handling on the 8008 CPU

    The 8008 supports interrupts. You can raise an interrupt, where you'll get an acknowledgement and the opportunity to insert an arbitrary instruction, such as using a RST<n> to jump to a particular interrupt vector. Easy enough. The 8008 does not implement arbitrary push and pop, It only...
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    Pacific Northwest WTB Olivetti M20

    Casually looking for an Olivetti M20. Doesn't necessarily need to come with a monitor. There are a few in Italy right now on eBay, but I just went through that exercise only to have outbound customs bounce it back after a couple weeks to the seller as a "dangerous" package. So I'm unlikely to...
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    California Texas Instruments TI-99/4a + Speech Synthesizer

    As someone with a hobby of collecting vintage speech synths, the TI ones come up on eBay at least 10:1 if not 100:1 more often than any other speech synthesizers I see there. If you watch there, it shouldn't be hard to find one in the price and condition you're looking for. That said, the TI is...
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    Other US Areas Votrax Votalker IB ISA card Software and manual needed

    Unfortunately, I can't help, but I am a collector of speech ICs and I'm curious about this card. Do you know what the "option ROM" does? Has anyone imaged the ROM? or reverse-engineered a schematic? SC-02 are rare, but not unobtainable, and if I had the ROM image and the schematic, I could make...
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    Friendlyware and the "Boss Key"

    I would have absolutely swore that it was the Friendlyware PC Into set where I noticed the boss key and that I never played any of the games in the arcade pack, but perhaps I am mis-remembering. It has been ~ 40 years! The horse race game and the lunar lander do look vaguely familiar.
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    Friendlyware and the "Boss Key"

    I also swear I remember there being a piano program and that it was part of Friendlyware. Now maybe my brain is foggy and I'm just mixing up MUSIC.BAS / MUSICA.BAS from the DOS floppies, but it seems like those only play a few songs, whereas I thought I remembered a basic piano program where you...
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    Friendlyware and the "Boss Key"

    One of the first programs I remember using on the PC was "Friendlyware" and I distinctly remember the "Boss Key" that would bring up a spreadsheet when you hit F10. Wikipedia even mentions the boss key. However, I own Friendlyware Pc Introductory Set 1.1 and 2.0, and neither version seems to...
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    Mid Atlantic Epson/Titan Technologies QX-PC memory board.

    I tried to diagnose and repair a failed PSU in one of my QX-10s, but ultimately ended up installing a modern meanwell power supply. Vintage computers are fun to diagnose, but vintage power supplies are often an unpleasant diversion from that fun. Unless it's something easy like failed...
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    Zilog System 8000

    Awesome to hear these things are getting restored! Z8000 has become somewhat of a hobby of mine, but the space of Z8000 machines (and software) is somewhat limited.
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    Midwest Cleaning house, request advice

    Anything speech synthesizer / voice synthesizer related? I'm also looking for anything unique / unusual. If you have any ISA cards that are outside of the space of the usual multifunction card, or hard drive controller, or whatnot... My other current area of focus is S-100 and Heathkit H8 stuff.
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    All of Asia sdev prototype for sale: $15k

    I'm unfamiliar. What is an "sdev" ?
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    Pacific Northwest Heathkit H19, $250

    Okay, sending @dryates a PM. If it's still available, and if we can come up with a mutual time and place to meet, I'll take it. Can't turn down a good heathkit.
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    Pacific Northwest Heathkit H19, $250

    I'm very tempted, but 1) I don't even have a place to set it. Every surface in my home office that can be occupied by vintage computer gear already is, and 2) I recently told my wife that we have to start watching expenses. If only someone else will just jump in and buy it and relieve me of the...
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    Pacific Northwest Heathkit H19, $250

    Wow, that is a nice clean machine. I'm about an hour south of you, and recently obsessed with everything H8 and related. I'm not sure I can justify the space for yet-another-CRT-monitor. If nobody else takes it, I'm going to have to put some serious thought into it.
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    Western Europe Burroughs BX-1000 Beam-X vacuum switching tube

    Any relation to dekatron? Sounds like a similar purpose, but a different implementation.
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    Pacific Northwest Wanted: (not Heathkit, not Tryonix) H8 DRAM Board with D8202

    I'm looking for a particular DRAM board for the Heathkit H8. Representative picture from a recent eBay listing is attached. I've seen three listings on eBay that included this card lately, so certainly they're out there in the wild, but circumstances did not align for me to obtain any of them...