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    I had some issues until it understood that I wanted translate a newer gw-basic program to ZBASIC v1.0. I would list a routine that was giving me trouble getting it to run in ZBASIC that was written with GWBASIC and it would point out the errors and suggest a better way to code the routine. I...
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    I just gave it some basic code to find a broken for next loop and it was able to lead me to the issue of a missing ":" :)
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    I've been asking the CHATGBT AI thingy with questions about my old Zenith Z-110 computer and it was well informed about it. I did need to let it know I was talking about a early 1980 computer as it 1st said it had no info. After that it spit out way more info than I needed but did give me what...
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    Fun with Windows for Workgroups

    I gave up on http: with my 386. I can still FTP to places and get files. Normally I DL what I want using a current newish compute and browser, which I can then transfer it to the 386 over my local NET. I'm running WFW 3.11 on my 386.
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    Installing Tyan S1830 motherboard into IBM XT case

    Just found this at TomHardware: https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/q-tyan-s1830s-piii-1ghz.301514/
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    Installing Tyan S1830 motherboard into IBM XT case

    I am planning to be where that computer is next weekend. I will check the BIOS and check if any other files might be saved on that system. I do remember updating that BIOS when I went to the 850 P3 from a 450 P2.
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    Installing Tyan S1830 motherboard into IBM XT case

    I thought this thread was dead, I know you need to get the latest BIOS number not known at this time and maybe a patch file. I in the process of moving 900 miles and that is where the Tyan 1830 sits. I will verify the BIOS in a couple of weeks and review my notes from years ago to see what I...
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    Free Tyan S1837 working

    Board is taken, Thanks
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    Free Tyan S1837 working

    This has a 443GX chipset with a RAIDport III expansion (slot/port) and it comes with the very rare ARO-1130U2 card w/software. It has 1GB ECC memory installed but this can be increased to 2gb.
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    Free Tyan S1837 working

    I'm going to be moving in a couple of months and I really don't want to throw this in the dumpster. FREE FREE Might have other things to give away when you are here. This was a real server MB in it's day.
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    Free Tyan S1837 working

    To moderator: Please forgive me posting this here but I figure someone reading about this class machine might like it. If it must be moved I'll understand. Come and get it FREE Tyan S1837 Thunderbolt with optional connector for ARO-1130U2 Raid option card, included. Has 4 SCSI 9gb drives...
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    40th anniversary of the IBM PC 5150

    A single image from my camera is over 40MB's today. It became a race to see who would buy the next bigger drive. I won... Got a metal cabinet covered in old HD magnets. Turned my early 5150 on today and booted CPM 1.0 cool...
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    Breathing new life into 1981 IBM 5150

    I might have missed it but do you have all 4 ram banks filled? I remember working on mine many years ago and there seem to me a glitch in the bios that require all the RAM banks to be filled.
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    New England Dell M782 17inch VGA monitor FREE FREE FREE, Portsmouth RI, Pickup only

    Works perfect nice shape. PM me if interested... Thanks framer
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    TRS-80 Model 100 - Display wanted!

    I know this is an old post but if anyone else needs this part here's what I did. Went on ebay and bought the yellowest dogged out one I could find but with a screen that worked, or some other problem and I found one for $25.00 plus $15.00 shipping. Took the best of both and now have a perfect...
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    Would a IBM PC AT (5170) motherboard drop into a IBM PC XT case?

    I put a Tyan Tsunami S1830 into a IBM XT case, it's a sleeper. Any standard size AT class board will fit in the XT case. The 5170 AT is not a standard size board but a server size board for it's time IMHO. framer
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    The move to the new Xenforo forums is slated to happen Dec. 24 - Dec. 26

    I just got back from a two week cruise and was surprised to see the new software. My site used VB for years until the switch to VB5 which about almost made me want to give up. I found XenFore early and never looked back. You picked right. The learning curve is doable but you need to take it...
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    Why did the 5150 come with a tape connector?

    How many of these do you think are still around... With original case. framer
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    40th anniversary of the IBM PC 5150

    The Circus Maximus shaped port is plastic and can easily be removed. I have several adapters the allow you to attach two standard cords to external devices from the monitor port. framer