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    Soviet IBM PC Clone POISK 1 ПОИСК 1

    Interrupt list says this call was added for AT/EGA, and Poisk was neither of those. There's not much point in using RK or another tool like it -- Poisk has cyrillic font in ROM and BIOS does keyboard layout switching.
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    Stalker - a Soviet Roguelike game from 1980s

    This game was inspired by the same book (Roadside Picnic) as the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series. Runs under RT-11. Gameplay is appropriately deadly and user-unfriendly (only 6 items in the inventory, no identify, all scrolls, potions and wands are random, and so on).
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    Color Bubble, Bubble Operating System Software

    I am working on emulation of GRiD Compass in MAME (see [2]); these machines used bubble memory controlled by Intel D7220 chipset. Since MAME also emulates CoCo, I thought to add emulation of Dennis Kitz's bubble memory expansion board (which used same chipset). July'1983 CoCo Magazine [1]...
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    HP Integral PC (9807A) emulation

    I am trying to improve MAME's emulation of IPC (right now it has a "skeleton driver" -- ROM dump and not much else) -- that's not going to be easy (graphics processor is barely documented in HP Journal, HP-HIL bus is completely missing etc.) and progress so far is small -- I believe this is what...
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    Is there an RX01 Emulator?

    Is your code GPL-compatible? I am working on RX11/RX01 simulator for MAME, your emulator could be useful as reference, or even as straight reuse.