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  1. billdeg

    THESYS Memory Products ( ASSY 0000455300 ) IDE controller Manual Wanted

    Does anyone have the operations manual with jumpers/settings for the THESYS Memory Products ( ASSY 0000455300 ) IDE controller? It's a Korean multi-purpose board for the XT-class computer, produced in 1985, full length, with RAM, battery, and various port options. It also has an annoying...
  2. billdeg

    May 20 Swap and Hack-a-thon @ Kennett Classic (Between Baltimore and Philadelphia)

    Kennett Classic May 20th hack-a-thon and Swap May 20th, 2023 | 9AM – 11PM 115 S. Union St. Kennett Square, Pennsylvania 19348 (Hack-a-thon is in our large workspace "The Garage" across the street from the museum) Plenty of room for everyone, tables, chairs and power supplied. REGISTER NOW TO...
  3. billdeg

    My Computer Obsession

    I have a lot of disk images for that machine on vintagecomputer.net. They're .D80's so you'll need either an 8050 drive or a emulator device of some sort.
  4. billdeg

    My Computer Obsession

    Speaking of B, what model B series is that in two of the photos?
  5. billdeg

    Pairing a model ASR 33 Teletype with an Altair or IMSAI

    The only system I have up and running with a Teletype at the moment is a PDP 11/05 with BASIC in core and a M9312 with ROM monitor. It's relatively easy to start BASIC with this set up.
  6. billdeg

    Looking for storage for PDP 8

    You know, you could use a Teletype if your code is not too large. Does your system have core memory or solid state?
  7. billdeg

    Pairing a model ASR 33 Teletype with an Altair or IMSAI

    It's in my current batch of three projects to get a Teletype working as program storage for an IMSAI running with a VDM-1 and Processor Tech. GPM board (with CUTER ROM).
  8. billdeg

    Pairing a model ASR 33 Teletype with an Altair or IMSAI

    Does anyone here have a dedicated pairing of their Altair or IMSAI with a Teletype as described in the 1975/6 manuals? I realize most people have some sort of emulated storage or CP/M disk set up. The issue for me is the lack of non-volitile RAM (no core). As a result one has to load long...
  9. billdeg

    DEC RK05 decpacs

    Sharing a pic from my basement.
  10. billdeg

    IMSAI 8080 at the Rhode Island Computer Museum

    I probably have it.
  11. billdeg

    IMSAI 8080 at the Rhode Island Computer Museum

    Did you find the 4K RAM board manual?
  12. billdeg

    Got any photos of inside computer stores from back in the day?

    I have attached a pic from a slideshow I have from the IBM Customer Center in Philadelphia, around 1981-82
  13. billdeg

    Kennett Classic Spring Event May 20th

    Vintage Hack-a-thon / swap loose fun event. We have a growing community of hobbyists in the south-eastern PA / north MD / Delaware area, if you're from the area please plan to visit. Bring your computer project, swap items, etc. Mark your calendars: Saturday May 20th 9AM-? Please contact...
  14. billdeg

    Sept 25th 2021 Kennett Classic Updates

    Only 9 days until the 2nd-annual Kennett Classic URL for more info: https://www.kennettclassic.com/ Download flyer: https://www.kennettclassic.com/kc2/kennett-classic-flyer-KC-II.pdf WHAT: Our yearly event to celebrate another year of operations. WHERE: 115 S. Union St. Kennett Square, PA...
  15. billdeg

    Checking in after a long hiatus

    Hi everyone. It has been two years since we launched Kennett Classic. Things continue to move along nicely and I am hoping that some of you here might be interested in the event we're having, "Kennett Classic v 1.9" on September 25th. I posted the flyer in the Events section, but more generally...
  16. billdeg

    Kennett Classic Opens October 18th, 2019

    https://www.kennettclassic.com Our new project, Kennett Classic, is our new brick and mortar location in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania USA. Together with vintagecomputer.net, Kennett Classic will help bring to fruition our mission of preserving computing history through restoration, archiving...
  17. billdeg

    P500 shell for sale on Ebay - Worth it?

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Commodore-P500-Case-and-Keyboard-Super-Rare-like-C-64-PET-CBM/323574947319?hash=item4b5691ddf7:g:ycwAAOSw7R9b~jqL Anyone here going for this? I guess it's worth it if you have the motherboard
  18. billdeg

    Dan Roganti

    Dan Roganti, RIP buddy.
  19. billdeg

    Vax 4000 705a

    Started working on one of these systems. So far it boots, but there are no drives attached yet so it has not OS to boot. I have a few external SCSI towers to attach and an external DSSI drive bay as well. The internal drives are disabled. a partial listing, the show config command...