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  1. Patrick.B (TTR)

    [LOOKING FOR] HOLMES Engineering, DX-3D Manual

    bump 2 years later.. still looking for this
  2. Patrick.B (TTR)

    How to wire up Auto boot ROM for FreHD Gate Array

    here you go: 4GA / FREHD https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WKU3CqqLZAV-ak4_zUZF8T7niTHvV5jO/view?usp=drive_link
  3. Patrick.B (TTR)

    Texas Wanted: TRS-80 Model I and Model II

    Where are you located in texas? and do you need the system to be "working" or a project to take on?
  4. Patrick.B (TTR)

    Tandy 3 Side of road find, no Radio Shack branding.

    NIce catch if you ever want to sell it let me know I have been looking for one for 6 years now
  5. Patrick.B (TTR)

    TRS-80 MODEL 4 Series .. CPM PLUS 3.0 now available

    in this case the files where missing from the link as I have a folder for all OS https://drive.google.com/file/d/158PR1iUFiN7_Trg__CIVcSYWmysc8NLV/view?usp=sharing
  6. Patrick.B (TTR)

    Model III - Repairs and Gotek Experience

    @Gary C When you say "you connect one up", I am going to assume you mean an FDD "Floppy disk drive" and get a "disk drive not ready" error? If so then I would inspect the ribbon cable, or edge connector on the floppy drive, it is possible one is not making a proper connection. Otherwise, you...
  7. Patrick.B (TTR)

    Texas For Sale: Kaypro Carrying bag - 150$ +Ship

    FOR SALE: KAPRO BAG: 150$ +Ship I am offering a Kapro Bag here are the pictures (the box shows only to hold the shape of the bag). No rips and the zippers are in fair condition. Please get in touch with me by email please for the fastest response TexasTandyRestorations@gmail.com or IM me here.
  8. Patrick.B (TTR)

    Kaypro 2/84 issues.. need insight and help.

    this project has been put aside due to real life
  9. Patrick.B (TTR)

    Texas [FS] Tandy Colour Computer 2

    sorry for late posting but this SOLD !
  10. Patrick.B (TTR)

    TANDY 4000 Needs love...

    well the 80287 was terribly hot so I removed it and reconfigured the system for no co-pro, even switched the ega/CGA card for an SVGA /LCD monitor to see if that was the "hanging up issue" nothing so I plugged in the floppy drive and found after bios information displayed on the screen, there...
  11. Patrick.B (TTR)

    TANDY 4000 Needs love...

    Thanks about the cm8/cm5 information, I guess I'll have to find a COCO3 to test it with. found the T4000 Manuals in the end, and that link doesn't load in Edge, Chrome nor FTP voyage so not sure whats up with that link. the hunting begins
  12. Patrick.B (TTR)

    TANDY 4000 Needs love...

    So I have a tandy 4000 EGA card and CM8 (more on that later) At first, all I got out of this setup was a white blank screen on the CM8. so I pulled the EGA card and used a restored working Cm5 instead and tested those two on a Tandy 1000 to ensure they work so I put my tested tandy EGA/CGA...
  13. Patrick.B (TTR)

    Kaypro 2/84 issues.. need insight and help.

    it was great to be able to "show you whats going on over discord" now to attack all the things Larry suggested to find why the data isnt getting to the drive.
  14. Patrick.B (TTR)

    Kaypro 2/84 issues.. need insight and help.

    I will admit I read it in a diagonal will re read it when I am rested, 5 hours of driving made my brain mush
  15. Patrick.B (TTR)

    Kaypro 2/84 issues.. need insight and help.

    Larry apologies, its been a very long day and I did not realize you meant the FDC1793-2 IC.. VDC Pin 21 +4.73, Pin 22, +4.91 and Pin 40 +11.54
  16. Patrick.B (TTR)

    Kaypro 2/84 issues.. need insight and help.

    Hey Larry I assume your asking from motherboard pins? not the floppy pins RE test 1, and your testing clock signal changes on pin 24 of the FDC in what manner? Scope settings set to auto ? RE test 2, pin 21, 22 and pin 40 ? fdc only has 34 pins. please explain.
  17. Patrick.B (TTR)

    Kaypro 2/84 issues.. need insight and help.

    yeah something deeper than just internal I think in this case when I test teeh flpy it hangs on most commands. see below log from terminal I noted with * text descriptions* Kaypro Monitor v2.2 : N CRTC : *NOTE MONITOR TURNED ON ? : T CRTC Wait... UpdateAbort : * TEST LOCKS UP PRESED ESC TO...
  18. Patrick.B (TTR)

    Kaypro 2/84 issues.. need insight and help.

    So I opened this Kaypro 2/84 (discovered it was by board images on https://retrocmp.de/kaypro/kay-p2_hrdw.htm#mb-284 and quickly realized the A: drive doesn't "spin at all, so I took it out and made drive B: as drive A: (yes I changed the jumper to DS0) and I get a "cannot read your diskette"...