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    WTB: Number 2 and " keycap with square post

    I have a HI-TEK 107044 G keyboard for a TRS-80 Color Computer that I'm hoping to replace my chiclet keyboard with, but it is missing the 2 / double-quote key. Does anyone have a trashed keyboard such as this that they'd be willing to sell or part out? Thanks!
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    Vcf sw 2.0

    Not to steal Gil's thunder here, but saw this posted on LinkedIn today: http://mit-a.com/VCF2.shtml I'm planning on going.
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    Osborne 1A back to life!

    I had recently picked up an Osborne 1A in pretty good shape from the local Austin, Texas, Goodwill Computer Works for $40. After fumbling about trying to image disks in my very limited spare time (I don't have a dedicated DOS box for imaging single density floppies, although have been...
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    Vintage Computer Festival South 1.0

    Yeah, it was great to meet up with John (Barythrin) and Curtis. By far, Curtis had the most stuff on display, easily 1/3 of the entire table space. The speakers all had interesting stuff to say, from the early days of TI and their vacuum-tube based 12-bit DSPs from the 40s to DataPoint's...
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    WTB: Key caps (or broken keyboard) for Atari 800

    My Atari 800 is missing a key cap (I think it's the <Insert> key). I'd like to at least cover this up with a functional key cap if anyone has any spares or an old semi- or non-functional keyboard for parts. I'm trying to avoid buying a full keyboard replacement for what seems to be an...
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    WTB: Amiga 1000 memory for side expansion port

    I have an Amiga 1000 that I love to play with. I've come to the reaization, though, that the front-panel memory upgrade isn't enough and I'm looking for a sidecar-style upgrade, too. It seems there were a number of these made once upon a time but I never see them on eBay or other sites. If...
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    Miniscribe shipped masonry bricks in place of hard drives?!?

    I heard on Marketplace (economic news radio program) on Thursday evening (1/14/2010) that Miniscribe had done some crazy things in the late 80s such as pack up bricks with the approximate weight of hard drives and used them to help "cook" the financial books. I found the story really...
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    Playing SAP music files on real 8-bit HW?

    I recently had some time to get my SIO2PC converter and software working with my Atari 800XL, and was reminded through playing some games how cool the 4(?)-channel audio sounds on the Atari 8-bit computer line. I found and downloaded the ASMA (SAP music archive) to listen to on the real...
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    Mystery TRS-80 Printer

    I was at Goodwill Computer Works' museum here in Austin yesterday and was looking at their Tandy rack where they had this printer: Does anyone recognize it? There was no info there, and I couldn't get behind it to check for a model number. It just looks very odd compared to the other...
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    Dec 7000 axp

    (Note that this is not mine.) Free DEC 7000 AXP found on the Austin, TX Craigslist yesterday by a friend: http://austin.craigslist.org/zip/869524040.html While I'd love to have this, it's not worth the ~5200 watts (although the giver-away said estimate 15kW) and the space to me to experiment...
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    Dvorak vs. Qwerty

    Flipping through two Apple //c books recently shipped to me by Jibbajaba (thanks!), I noticed they both showed the Qwerty and Dvorak keyboard layouts that were available for that system. I'm also aware of (older) keyboards that allow you to switch keymappings as well as software keymapping...
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    Extracting ARK formatted files

    I've been looking into fixing one of the 2 TI-99/4a I got my hands on recently. It sounded like consrep.ark or cnslrpr.ark from the TI archive FTP site I (and it appears others) mentioned. I found deark-ti, and was able to use that to convert these files to text. Unfortunately, these text...
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    TI-99 Info FTP Server

    In the process of trying to dig up some more info on the 2 TI-99/4a I picked up I found the following anonymous FTP site. (Yeah, I'm the guy that scored this TI equipment from cmwingtx.) Sorry if this is old news or if everyone else already knew about it: ftp.whtech.com There is a web-based...
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    Radio Shack "Science Fair" Microcomputer Trainer Kit (TI microprocessor)

    Quite some time back, I posted the 180-page manual for the Tandy/Radio Shack Science Fair Microcomputer Trainer Kit on my web site. It's mostly in monochrome jpeg format where each page has a clickable thumbnail. Sorry they're jpegs...I don't know what exactly I was thinking back then...
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    Getting around root password on IBM RS/6000 Model 250

    I've recently fired up an old IBM RS/6000 (7011-26) Model 250 - one of the very first PowerPC 601-based machines, IIRC. I've discovered that AIX 4.x is installed, but not knowing root password, I can't login. In the hopes that single-user mode would not be password protected, I flipped the...
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    Howdy from Austin, Texas!

    After reading the threads here a little and exchanging PMs with a member, I figured it was high time to introduce myself... I never meant to be a "collector", but my (bad?) habit of never throwing things away and continuing to lust after some of the old 8- and 16-bit machines, the occasional...