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  1. J

    Mid Atlantic Rolm - Data General NOVA collection for sale

    Ah well....I'll have to replicate the board then..Unless the buyer wants to sell me one ?
  2. J

    Mid Atlantic Rolm - Data General NOVA collection for sale

    Would really like the opportunity to buy a 1642 CPI card for the 1635 control panel head that I already have !If you, or your buyer, has a spare one.... Would have bought the whole lot if it was not on the 'other side'..
  3. J

    A strange CDC160A

    Saw a CDC160A for the first time yesterday. But what is it with that big rack of PCB's on the backside / on top ? Never seen this on one of the online pictures. That rack also contains a corememory. Isn't the real computer supposed to be in the lower right cabinet ? The lower left cabinet...
  4. J

    Northern Europe diablo series 30 disk drive terminator.

    Sorry, turns out that the terminators I have are for the Diablo 40-series. Which means I am also on the lookout for 2 Diablo-30 series terminators. I feel an upcoming project....
  5. J

    Northern Europe diablo series 30 disk drive terminator.

    I can provide pics if needed, I have no surplus ones to sell. Thos connectors are cumbersome to source now, I should just convert them to plain old flatcale with IDC's. What machine will you be using the Diablo's with ?
  6. J

    Tek 4051: Tape drive way out of calibration

    I have a 4050 calibration tape.It has a broken belt.....
  7. J

    New Datapoint 2200 owner.

    And another Datapoint 1100/cassette joins the stable. Although in less than perfect state... This Datapoint 1100/cassete has a 8Kb max ram DP1100 mainboard whereas the Datapoint 1100/diskette has a proper 2200 mainboard with 16 Kb max ram. Interesting is that the 1100 mainboard allows for a...
  8. J

    New Datapoint 2200 owner.

    Here is a 20 min movie about the British Tail TOPS system, which used quite a few Datapoint 2200's web.archive.org/web/20201120120739/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-yY8nRu3RA&gl=US&hl=en [EDIT : just add https in front to view the video, direct link does not seem to work"]
  9. J

    It's alive, my Datapoint 2200/1100 !

    Here is the sourcecode for CTOS, the cassette operating system for the earlier versions of the DP2200 / DP1100. Later versions of the 2200/1100 ( and 5500) use a videocard with a programmable characterset, not supported by this early CTOS version. It was obtained by OCR'ing and handcorrecting...
  10. J

    New Datapoint 2200 owner.

    >> Jos: So what happened to your PSU when it killed itself? Mains rectifier shorted, that also took out the main chopper transistor and the LM555. It took a while to find a suitable replacement for the chopper transistor ( a BU931 will work instead of the SVT6002)
  11. J

    New Datapoint 2200 owner.

    That is the advantage of the newer type PSU in my machine : at least no live voltages go into the backplane.....Conceptually it is the same though. As said in my PM : take care with the L1 ( smaller metal box ) Its is mounted to the PCB with tiewraps that now are very brittle from aging. The...
  12. J

    New Datapoint 2200 owner.

    As Mattis mentioned i have a DP1100 ( DP2200 minus cassettes) I also have the full set of cassettes for DOS.D 2.6 Still have not found a good way of reading these, and anyhow DOS.D is for a DP5500, not 2200. Individual programs from my floppies should run on a cassette, but I know of no means to...
  13. J

    Tektronix 4050 Vector Graphics computers - need a game controller!

    We can talk about a new MFM version end of September, that is if AK's bears dont get me first !... Relying on a 4054 does limit the audience though...
  14. J

    Tektronix 4052 intensity issue

    I had not read the whole thread, sorry. But yes, you are right w.r.t. the images.
  15. J

    Tektronix 4052 intensity issue

    The DRP you'll receive is tested, so if it does not work at your end you'll have to debug the 4052 end. Important : which images exactly ? I posted 2 versions, the original ones ( can be found on bitsavers ) and a transposed one, intended for wsi57c49 EPROMS ( slightly dirrefent pinout) . You...
  16. J

    Resetting a Tektronix 4051

    Well, since the discussion is public anyhow : I do indeed have a spare, but incomplete, 4052 keyboard. Keycaps differ between 4051 and 4052/54, as per Tom's pictures. And while rummaging through my parts boxes yesterday I found around 25 (used) switches, without keycaps, that are a perfect...
  17. J

    RK05 disk emulator

    The Datapoint 9350 is also a Diablo-30 series disk, with 24 sectors. I have the controller & drive, but no documentation beyond the command description, as found in Bitsavers.
  18. J

    My first attempt at Tektronix 4052 vector graphics computer R14 GPIB Enhancement ROM Pack disassembly

    Brain fart....that was of course the assembler that I posted, not the disassembler.... Like you i used a 6800 disassembler ( fd9dasm in 6800 mode ) andf handcorrected the endresult. Which I then assembled again to do a binary compare with the original binary. Sorry for the misinformation !