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    PCjr memory question

    You should look for JRCONFIG.SYS - it's a device driver that configures the machine to handle the extra memory. There is no conflicting information - if you want to use the extra memory under DOS you need a device driver. If you use a search engine you will find it, including the background on...
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    Writing PC booter img files

    Well, remember, it's not PCjr specific. It works on any DOS on any BIOS drive. I try *not* to write anything specific to a machine. But I know if it runs cleanly and well on a low-spec PCjr, it will probably run anywhere.
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    Writing PC booter img files

    It uses standard BIOS calls to do it's work, so yes, it will work. (PCjrs don't have DMA controllers either.)
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    Writing PC booter img files

    There are too many of these things floating around .. I wrote DskImage, the same one the OP referred to: http://brutmanlabs.org/DskImage/DskImage.html . That one is 14KB, runs under DOS and older versions of Windows in DOS windows, and uses standard image dumps making it compatible with...
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    Writing PC booter img files

    I just downloaded that file, transferred the disk images to a PCjr, and used DskImage to write the images. There were no problems and the PCjr is happy running Black Cauldron now. Those images are standard 360 diskette dumps. There is no copy projection. Use "dskimage disk1.img 0:40:2:9" and...
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    Reading files from DEC Rainbow drive image

    Be careful here ... An MBR is used on a partitioned disk. It's sector 0 of the disk and it defines the partitions. A Boot sector is the first sector of each partition. The boot sector should have a "BIOS Parameter Block" that defines the layout of the FAT filesystem on the partition. That...
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    IBM AS/Entry Advanced/36 9402-236 Documentation

    IBM had a long history of working with business partners, especially on the smaller machine like the S/36. When IBM discontinued the S/36 the business partners filled in the gaps, providing support long after IBM stopped doing so. The System/36 was out of production for a long time when the...
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    Bring out your dead! (Looking for mTCP bugs)

    I added a "shell" to DOS keyboard shortcut, figuring that it might be useful for a long run. I was using it to check the disk space and when the Tom's Hardware story came out, the disk space usage increased dramatically. By then the executable was about 3 months old so I didn't have listing...
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    Bring out your dead! (Looking for mTCP bugs)

    The machine is coming up on 5,000 hours of continuous runtime ... 24.7 million packets received on the Ethernet (12.1 million of them for TCP/IP) 14.3 million packets sent (11.1 million of them for TCP/IP) 639,000 TCP/IP connections 581,720 files, images or error messages served A handful of...
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    Why did graphics/monitors begin with digital and move to analog?

    CGA and EGA adapters displayed a discrete number of colors; the signals on the wire could directly be correlated with the bit patterns in memory. Trying to send the colors over a limited number of wires would have required hardware to combine the signals and then separate them again in the...
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    Commodore PC 40-III setting year past 1999 in BIOS

    Ah, gotcha .. I'm still having a hard time believing your BIOS is that bad. DOS 3.3 on my PCjr from 1984 accepts the current date, not questions asked. It doesn't try to save it to the RTC clock, but it works. My 386-40 has an RTC. Even that BIOS (1994) works correctly. You might have a...
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    Commodore PC 40-III setting year past 1999 in BIOS

    mTCP does not touch the RTC. It uses the standard DOS interrupts to set the date and time. No need to bother disassembling it - the code is open source.
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    Least memory hungry printer networking options?

    If your printer listens on port 9100 (JetDirect) then you can print to a file and then use netcat to send the file directly to the printer. Be sure to use binary mode. (I have this documented in the mTCP PDF documentation.) It was kind of magic watching told Epson MX-80 dump files show up on...
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    Packet Driver for Xircom RE-100

    Does the packet driver have other settings or options? If so, what are they? mTCP is finding the packet driver in memory, which is good. (When you change the packetint setting it doesn't find it, hence that error message.) But it sounds like packets are not actually getting in or out. You...
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    How to Post (On topic vs Off Topic)

    Please don't necropost.
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    Iomega Bernoulli Box is running!

    Please don't "necropost" ... we've seen your pleas. Awakening long dead threads just to ask for the same thing again is not productive and it's spammy.
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    MS-DOS 16-bit: can malloc() and _fmalloc() be mixed?

    Here is the simplified version. You may have up to two heaps - a near one and a far one. "malloc" refers to either the near malloc or far malloc functions by default, depending on your memory model. Memory models supporting just 1 data segment are probably using the near versions, while the...
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    Best/Recommended DOS Emulator?

    I think when the title of the thread says "emulator" in the title that things like ImageDisk are off the table ... ImageDisk might as well be a hardware compatibility test. I doubt that any virtual machine or DOS emulator is going to handle something that specific.
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    Best/Recommended DOS Emulator?

    I use VirtualBox a lot. I've noticed a few things wrong with it over the years: Programs that manipulate the 8253 timer chip to get higher resolution timing cause the system time to act weirdly. Time within the virtual machine passes correctly, but wall-clock time slows down quite a bit while...
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    Vintage Computer Festival Pacific Northwest 2020: Come join us!

    The current board of directors can probably answer your questions if your interested in volunteering to run an event. I can give you my experience with the VCF PNW events. Personally I'm a big supporter of VCFed and I was on the board of directors for a few years. For the next event I just...