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    Hiya from NASHVILLE and a new forum!

    I go away for a little while, just TURN MY HEAD and Erik you go and make a whole new forum! :D I have moved back to Nashville where it all began. Colorado did not work out at all. I was trying to stay but it just didn't work. I don't have any of my collection anymore, sadly, but it did get...
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    Moved to Colorado! Bye forever, El paso!

    Hiya everybody, I'm still alive and still love vintage hardware, but I have had to move to Colorado. There is nothing left for me in El Paso, and I am going to do well here though still just starting. It's a totally different environment here, and I am hoping to bring something to the table for...
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    Got this military crated computer, first haul in s while!

    I went to Edgar Digital with a friend of mine a few days back and get this machine. It looks to be a backplane system, with a definitely divide between user interface/monitor and machine. Very interesting, and I found two stickers inside that said 1981. Most of it is wire sound, with some PSB's...
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    Hauled a refurbished CalComp Designmate BIG plotter!

    It's really neat as huge machines go. I still need paper, pens and to install it on a win95 machine but it'll happen. The plan is to make large gaming maps for peoples' role playing games, if not a lot then just a few. Also, turns out the pens and paper for these things are dirt cheap! It's...
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    Still Wanted: Face panel for HP Vectra VL

    Battery is charged, here is my machine. Since I won't be using a floppy disk in it, there's this really nifty IDE to SD thing I have here I ordered a long time ago, might be time to put it to use in the available slot on the side. It's a good workhorse of a machine; it can be used for a great...
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    Still Wanted: Face panel for HP Vectra VL

    Argh, I didn't think to look up the system number-- it's an HP after all. I was very mistaken. It's a Vectra VL-6/400, it has a different face than the ones posted above. Sorry about that, yes I feel silly for asking like I did earlier. I hope the image shows up. It's a pick from the net *after*...
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    Still Wanted: Face panel for HP Vectra VL

    I still need the faceplate, I still have the machine and it is missing that panel. If anyone has one or knows where to check, please let me know.
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    Received a question about an internal cable for replacement. Model III

    The cable that is needed is the internal flat ribbon that is similar to the one included here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Tandy-TRS-80-Model-III-3-Serial-RS232-Printer-Controller-Card-/350181319609?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item51886ee3b9 That machine is not in my collection, so I dont' know of...
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    Small haul: C= 1084S monitor :D

    I was taking physical therapy for my back and got to talking to my therapist, we're about the same age, and he said he had this old green monitor and that he hated to toss it, because it still worked. I didnt' know it was going to be THIS monitor! So it's officially here, safe at its new home...
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    "Modern" Commodore website is down

    I was going through some old email and noticed that www.commodoregaming.com is for sale as a domain. Does anybody know what happened to the company? I know it's nothign like the Commodore we all are familiar with, just a name brand. Also, it would sure be nice to get some of the leftover stock...
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    Gateway P5-60 scored and works, NT4, TALL tower

    Hello again everybody, I managed to score this tower a while back and got it fired up; nothi really wrong with it, just needed a few connections replugged and a new CMOS battery. It has Windows NT 4 workstation and server installed, but it has a password and a buggy cd drive. I also don't...
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    Using a pair of broken 1571s; SD card idea.

    Just tossing this out there. I'm picking up a pair of 1571 drives soon, both are non working and might need alignment, not sure. I know there is an SD card reader that you can buy for the C64 but I'd rather adapt this drive over to use an SD card. I'm not sure anybody has ever done this...
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    Checking in from El Paso

    Hi guys, I'm still alive. I havent' been posting much, nothing much to post about in the vintage computing area. Plenty of projects but no time to do many of them. Just a few I have kind of working: SD to IDE adapting in place of flaky CD drives for older machines, Acquired a Itronix ruggedized...
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    Warning from a friend that is trusted (ebay stuff)

    This just got to me, wanted to let you all know to be aware if you are buying and if anybody can confirm this information: *** WARNING!!!! VINTAGETECH has had its museum stolen by Tri-Valley Recycling (eBay ID "tvrsales") If you see ANYTHING being sold on Ebay, immediately report it to Ebay as...
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    DECstation 320SX scored today

    Today was interesting, my neighbor gave me three computers, the most interesting was this DECstation 320sx. It has a bad hard drive, but booted up to the bios. It's complete, has a 1.44mb drive, will very soon have a 5.25" drive, and I am seriously thinking of replacing the hdd with one of...
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    Small haul: Epson ActionNote C500

    On the off chance that I would find something, I stopped in at the local Salvation Army. There sat an old laptop, in pretty good shape, and it is an Epson ActionNote C500 with charger and small zipper case. $5! One of the hooks on the screen is broken, looks intentional for one-handed opening...
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    Possible mega haul on craigslist El Paso.

    http://elpaso.en.craigslist.org/zip/3230878987.html I'm going to talk to the guy Tuesday, see if I can get a few of the odd machines he is giving away. The pictures tell a huge tale, and I hope he doesn't choose me to get all monitors. Books are nice, but the vintage machines in there might not...
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    Mac II cx, from a radio haul :)

    http://youtu.be/0-dEnzN6DGE Hope you get to watch the video, it is the nicest part of this haul. The rest was more modern stuff, good stuff but not vintage, it didn't scratch the vintage itch so to speak. I had to get this part of it. It's all stock, no upgrades. I want another ethernet card...
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    Ran across: Quatech Inc. DS-200 rs-422 card!

    I found this in the collection, it had fallen out of a box and there it was, a full ISA card, looks in great shape and ready to go into a machine. i have a machine for it to go into AND I found all the drivers and programs for it on the still-functional company's website. This is it...
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    Jack Tramiel died??

    A member over at Atariage mentioned it but didn't have a link, has anyone here heard anything??