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    HP 700/44 terminal

    Hi Phil, I read your thread with great interest... I am restoring an HP 928 aka 700/60. Your pictures look very familiar! I'm searching for any service manual. My 928 powered on ok. The power switch went crunch. This is the common problem with ME5A switches--inside, a tiny plastic nub...
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    I am curious how you will go about capturing these images? I discovered 8" floppies among my dad's papers. They contain backups of DX10 user directories. I now have an SA850 floppy that needs power and interface. I hope to connect it to Kryoflux to get track images. The rest is software...
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    It's TI specific. The hardware reference manual is here: http://bitsavers.org/pdf/ti/990/990-10/0945417-9701B_990-10_HWRef_Nov80.pdf
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    I'm now looking for a TI-990 chassis, to host a 990/10A cpu. I bought the 990/10A cpu, Spectralogic 26 controller (disk, tape), and Cobol accelerator from Ed Norman in the UK. I have a refurbished 8" SA850 floppy (DSDD) but no way to get it on TILINE. Any ideas? I see a chassis on eBay for...