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    For Sale: spotted on Craigslist (continuous sightings)

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    For Sale: spotted on Craigslist (continuous sightings)

    https://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/sys/d/snohomish-sgi-indigo-lot/7657829277.html SGI Indigo Lot - $5,000 (Snohomish) SGI Indigo Machines: (14) CPUs (R3000, R4000, R4400) Graphics (Entry, GR2-XZ, XS24, ELAN) CPUS have good skins, doors, PSUs, and drives/sleds. Keyboards, Mice, Cables...
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    Pound for pound the best mainframe

    I really enjoy throwing together an MTS installation on an instance of Hercules every once in a while. It's a very comfortable system for people used to PC/Workstation operating systems. https://try-mts.com/why-try-mts/
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    emulate imsai 8080 with Linux

    I have SimH on a Manjaro install on my Pinebook Pro, it's in the Pacman repository. To install it you'd just need to jump into terminal and run sudo pacman -Syu simh There's also a fork if you feel comfortable building it yourself (quite easy to do) with many more simulators. Not necessary if...
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    Mid Atlantic Pentium Laptops - Thinkpad 365XD, Fujitsu Stylistic, Fujitsu Lifebook

    I've gotten tired of fighting with these older pentium machines. They were fantastic items when I bought them about ten years ago, but they're giving me problems now and I have enough projects to work on rather than fight with them any more. I'll explain the problems and be happy to help...
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    Looking for all Infocom Adventures for CP/M

    The Zeta has it's own built in terminal emulation with VGA and PS2 ports, I'm now realizing that I've never checked if it emulates a particular terminal because the support is built in to RomWBW: http://www.malinov.com/Home/sergeys-projects/parportprop It would appear to essentially emulate an...
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    The SLOWEST Alpha CPU !!??

    166 or 66? I have a DEC 3000/400 that runs 133 and 166 isn't what the OP is seeking.
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    The SLOWEST Alpha CPU !!??

    Any idea if it boots DUnix or NT? It'd be amusing to run speed tests against various Pentium systems to see what it actually matched with, compared to what Digital claimed back in the day.
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    Looking for all Infocom Adventures for CP/M

    Thanks for this fantastic project, I had two questions about using on two machines I have: Which version would you recommend I use with my Zeta SBC? I assume the vezza-b.com build for banked RAM and CPM3 would be ideal for 512k and RomWBW, correct? I also have a 128k MSX2 which can run both...
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    Remington Rand and Burroughs badges?

    Is there a book about that period? A few years back I discovered that Unisys was making an MCP emulator available for student use and signed up to get a copy, but it's since been discontinued. Did they move entirely in to software virtualization?
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    For Sale: shopgoodwill.com continuous sightings

    Yamaha CX-5MU MSX. Missing a few function keys. https://shopgoodwill.com/item/155870417
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    For Sale: spotted on Craigslist (continuous sightings)

    Load of Atari hardware hit goodwill in Florida: Atari Mega 4, Mega File20 & SC1224 Monitor https://shopgoodwill.com/item/151373506 Atari Mega ST2 & SM124 Monitor w/ Software https://shopgoodwill.com/item/151390940 Atari SF314 Disc Drives https://shopgoodwill.com/item/151374490...
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    Stories about the Danish programming language COMAL in the world wanted!

    I would imagine that this has also come up: https://github.com/kneth/OpenCOMAL - I just noticed there's a Gaelic version of the readme file. The three easier to find english language books are Starting with COMAL, The COMAL Handbook, and Structured Programming with COMAL. Starting with COMAL...
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    Stories about the Danish programming language COMAL in the world wanted!

    I took a small interest in it as a more powerful/interesting language to use on Z80 based machines a few years ago and if I recall correctly the epicenter of Comal use in the english speaking (sort of) world was Ireland, where it was chosen as an official educational programming language for...
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    Unix Bookshelves.....

    Any chance that implementation is online or can be shared somewhere?
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    What is the total number of Tandy 1000s sold?

    This was very much the Tandy business model across the board, not limited to PCs or even computers in general. The end of the TRS-80 Color Computer line had them dumping maxed out CoCo 3s for next to nothing just to clear out the stock, even if they were taking a huge loss on each one. They...
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    Mid Atlantic FTGH: Full manual set Digital Unix 4

    I have a full (3 of the smaller bankers boxes) manual set for DUnix 4 along with various supplements from the time, so a few things are Tru64. Free to anyone who wants to pick it up in Central VA, do Not want to ship (because I don't really have suitable boxes unless I seal the bankers boxes...