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    Where to get Kaypro Replacement Parts

    Hmm. I was just thinking about pulling out my neglected Kaypro II from storage. It needs a new flyback. I wonder if the display is standardized across the line? Are there any identified sources for these. I have been out of touch with the crt repair community lately.
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    Kaypro 2X: Replacing keyboard RJ11 recepticle?

    Looks like a standard part, at least for the time. The jack is a Dupont 616P, do a search on ebay for 616p. Still a few out there as of this post. Just bought one myself.
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    TANDY CM-5 white screen troubleshooting guidance

    Well, that didnt work out. Changed out all caps and she is still white as snow. This happens with the video cable disconnected, connected and with and without a signal. Screen setting on flyback adjust the brightnes but no text is visible. Any thoughts on what to troubleshoot next?
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    TANDY CM-5 white screen troubleshooting guidance

    Well, this looks a little unhappy. Not sure it is the cause of my issue. Regardless, might as well pull out the shotgun.
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    TANDY CM-5 white screen troubleshooting guidance

    Hi folks! Happy quarantine! I have a Tandy CM-5 that was working fine until it decided to go all white. I have a scope and am looking for some troubleshooting guidance, maybe a troubleshooting workflow, schematics or if I am lucky some suggestions on what components to check. I would...