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    What to do with a 68 K-based CPU board used in the 1990' for piloting a bank of modems.

    Looks like there isn't much on that board other than some serial chips, a RTC, RAM, ROMs and the CPU. It must have acted as a serial line peripheral controller for another computer, so the resources to use it directly as a SBC will be limited to that set of features. You'll have to reverse...
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    QProbe 2023

    Found a pair of MSV11-JE boards for a reasonable price and a 11/83 cabinet kit SLU to round things out.
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    QProbe 2023

    My 11/83 only has 3 MiB of Qbus memory unfortunately, I had an 11/73 M8192 CPU card in there originally and was lucky to get one of those NOS 11/83 CPU cards a while back and had an 18 MHz capable J11 chip to put into it. Everything I've read suggests it is possible to use both PMI and Qbus...
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    QProbe 2023

    The information linked in the original post describes the capabilities. You can set a raw monitor mode where the QBus signals are passed through to the LEDs, or attach logic probes to the QProbe board via headers.
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    QProbe 2023

    Ignore the fact it claims to be a Vax. Apparently I can't insert a movie here, this is a link to it on Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-aJ6GivDW9fMYw1dxd9Q_QGfPghAHAlp/view?usp=drive_link The roaring sound is mostly the forced air furnace, the vent is right below me taking the video.
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    QProbe 2023

    I finally finished the build and installation of my QProbe 2023 into my BA23 housed 11/83. Despite thinking I had been careful when installing the reset momentary switch, I managed to install it reversed and had to haul it out again to fix that. To help hold the LED panel sled in position, I...
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    DEC AXPvme questions

    Forgot to follow up years ago. It depends if the VxWorks image was configured to enable the command interpreter on a console port or not. If it does then the commands available depend on the VxWorks version and if the command interpreter(s) are compiled into the kernel image. For VxWorks 6.9...
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    Apple //gs restoration and AppleColor RGB (A2M6014X) monitor repair - advice very welcome!

    You could test the PS with dummy loads for a while while you have it apart.
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    Fit a printer to a vintage Varian Spectraa 10 plus Atomic absorption spectrophotometer

    I second this, I have one from the 90s that has been useful on a number of occasions. Of course if you need another piece of vintage equipment HP made a nice serial protocol analyzer series starting with the HP 4951A.
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    Vax 4000 Model 108 - console won't accept any input, reset of some sort possible ?

    Is this a system that if a video card was installed it might change the console settings to point to the graphic display and an attached keyboard? Does it have a way to reset the settings to default?
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    Former Alpha HPC TOP500 Cluster with Myricom Myrinet and Digital Unix / Tru64 -- any experiences here ???

    At NCAR we had a Cray T3D system that was more of an appendage to a Cray C90 system. https://www2.cisl.ucar.edu/ncar-supercomputing-history/t3d
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    Good inventory program to keep track of my DEC parts and stuff

    I know you are looking for already written, but Python + Sqlite3 are pretty simple to get going, you probably won't need anything fancy. Export/Import from CSV pretty easily and possibly Excel XLSX with openpyxl or something similar.
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    QProbe 2023

    How fun. Now to decide if my 11/83 in the BA-23 will fit the drive bay panel...
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    Unix printing problems

    Does the printer support raw ASCII text sent to it or does it want the print job sent in some other format? I guess you haven't told us what type of files you are trying to print.
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    About re-producing PDP-11/70

    Just procure a J-11 chip and build your system around that?
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    Kaiser & Damm Qbus memory management boards for PDP11??

    Do they only use the QBus for power? Doesn't look like many of the QBus signals are obviously connected in the pictures.
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    OS-9 on SWTPC?

    At least it was stable long enough for nikola-wan to fetch the files. For those who see this in the future you'll need to use the host name.
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    OS-9 on SWTPC?

    I just tried, it worked for me, ftp.dreesen.ch has address
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    211bsd games hack doesn't work?

    It behaves the same way for me, I've never actually tried playing it. The source and some readme files can be found in /usr/src/games/hack.
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    HP85 Thermal Printer question

    If you haven't found it yet, the https://groups.io/g/hpseries80 list has lots of information and people who are Series 80 enthusiasts.