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    PC vs. AT: reasons to own one over the other

    Indeed. Had several 286 clone systems but those never stuck around long. My 80386 and 8088 systems lingered the most. :)
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    Tiny 'XT-class' machine

    RE: x86 emulation on an 8052 RE: x86 emulation on an 8052 Well it's all academic now I guess, but I learned quite a few things though it along the way. Not least of which was due to your expert input, thanks Chuck. :-) If I were to be involved in another indie x86-based project again, I...
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    Tiny 'XT' machine graphics adapter poll

    Hi All, I seem to have reached a dilemma in my own homebrew XT project, on the issue of graphics adapter emulation. Firmware limitations have forced me to settle on two main options. These are: Low-res Tandy/VGA Mode 13h support 80x25 color text (CGA) 160x200 16-color 320x200 4-color...
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    Tiny 'XT-class' machine

    Hi All, My name is Valentin and this is my first post to this forum, although I've been 'lurking' for quite some time now! I have been a long-time addict of PC hardware, ever since my folks shelled out for a PC-XT Turbo clone (8088 4.77/10MHz 640K RAM 2x360K FDD's mono screen printer etc.)...