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    IBM 1130 discussion [group]?

    I've changed my 1130 home page to point to this discussion board. It might be good to see if an 1130-a-like item in the Index could be created for people to discuss this, but I understand that it would be useful to wait until a few more people who are interested in the topic show up.
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    I'm screwed

    I made an IBM 1130 web site. One of the things I have there is a request for people who were on the development project or who have a system to contact me. I've been lucky in that the original engineers have started making contact, but a few days ago I heard from a guy with an actual system he...
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    I don't currently have anything I'd call "vintage", being that my oldest machine is currently a Mac SE, but I've an interest. I generally specialize in the IBM 1130, but I've also got an interest in PDP-x and VAXen. I have one VAX, which isn't yet old enough to be called "vintage" as far as I...